Domain Authority has been talked about a lot. I know that there are already a flood of articles present on this topic regarding “How to increase Domain Authority?”, “Improve domain authority” etc. But we at Inspire2rise continue to believe that information needs to be presented in a beautiful and understandable form. So, we will share our take on Domain Authority and will explain how and why it works. Whether it’s about advertising or getting offers for paid posts, domain authority matters a lot. It’s a metric which after Google’s page rank is the most reliable method of judging the importance of a webpage. And as per my understanding I think domain authority is a better overall indicator of whether a webpage is of a good quality or not! So, we bring to you our latest research from I2R hamster labs : The ultimate guide to increase Domain Authority.

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So, what exactly is Domain Authority ?

ultimate guide to increase domain authority inspire2rise

Ultimate guide to increase domain authority : Link analysis of inspire2rise on opensiteexplorer.

Like Alexa rank is a metric by, page rank is a ranking metric by Google. Similarly, Domain Authority is a ranking metric by SeoMoz. It is an indicator of how well a website will rank in search engine results i.e. SERPS.
Domain Authority is calculated using a logarithmic scale. This means that a person can easily climb from say a 10 to 20 or 30 score but to go from 60 to 70 or higher would be difficult. The highest value is a perfect 100 which we need not to say, only Google and maybe a few others have achieved!
There’s also another metric by Moz known as Page Authority. The difference between both of them is that Page authority is not site-wide. But domain authority is site-wide for all the sub domains and root domain.

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How is Domain Authority calculated ?

There are many major and minor factors behind Domain authority calculation. It is based on the data from Mozscape Web index, number of links from various sources, amount of content present in search results and several other factors.

Let’s take a deeper look at the factors involved :

  • Age and popularity of the Domain : Simply put, the more is the age of the domain name the more reliable it is for getting information online. Up-time and regular updates too play a crucial part in it. Because of the humongous amount of domain names being launched every day, age becomes a crucial  factor.
    Domain popularity too matters a lot. To be precise, it’s just the comparison of total outbound links to inbound links to your website. Obviously more number of inbound links means that your site is popular.
  • SERPS visibility : The more content you have in top search results the more likely you will gain authority. And future posts have a better chances to rank well.
  • Value back links : Back links can be made with an obvious strategy of commenting on do-follow blogs. But personally I never recommend it to my readers, my focus is always giving them the best, and so content gets naturally shared on high PR forums and blogs. That’s the best way to get back links. Let your work speak for you.
  • Amount of content : More the content published by you which has been indexed, more is the chances of having a higher authority. Writing more quality content will give you a better DA.
    Write better. Score better.
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Steps to increase Domain Authority :

  • Choosing nice domain name+domain age : You can buy old domains from GoDaddy or other domain sellers from their auction portals. And in this way you will be saved the hassle of making a domain age well with time by working your brains out on it. An easy to discover domain name which is short i.e max 15 characters also helps a lot!
  • Building back links : Seriously everything that needs to be told about this already has been told

    Just focus on diversifying your link portfolio i.e. try to get links from different sources rather than all emanating from one.
    Tweeting from a high authority profile also leads to consistent back link generation.
  • Writing better : If you consistently churn out 3 or more than three 1000 words+ articles per week with solid on page SEO, then there’s no stopping you. This is by far the best method for increasing domain authority.
  • Strong Inter-linking :
    Ulimate guide to increase domain authority strong interlinking

    Ulimate guide to increase domain authority : Strong interlinking, makes the site stand apart!

    You can use several plugins for this like Nrelate, or YARPP. They help in better linking. Otherwise you can always manually place links to articles which you think are related to what you are currently writing.
    Using proper descriptive anchor text is the key to better interlinking. Also use breadcrumbs to provide a structure to your site.
    Read more about this in detail here : Blogging Tips Guide.

  • Social Signals : Google has now started scraping the old page rank only system to some extent. This is visible to a great extent when sites with low or no page rank rank higher in SERPS for really competitive search queries. This is the age of +1’s, re-tweets and likes. So make sure your content gets noticed more on Social Media. Make a following of genuine people who love and share your content, rather than bots/zombie people who just sit and don’t even notice.
    Read more about this here : Social Media Guide.
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Tools for checking current Domain Authority :

The easiest method to check domain authority is by using official MozBar which is available for both Chrome and Firefox.
It can also be checked at Open Site You can also use the tool at for more analysis.

You are reading : The Ultimate guide to increase Domain Authority.

DA update schedules :

Domain authority is updated every two weeks or so. Unlike Google’s page rank it doesn’t take too long to track your progress using DA.


So, did you like The Ultimate guide to increase Domain Authority? Have any doubts, queries regarding the article? Don’t hesitate to comment.
After-all it’s free!

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  1. says

    Hi Aditya,
    Nice post. I have a specific question about my website.
    It has been 1 and 1/2 months to my website since it went live and have built 140+ good back-links but still my site DA is 1.
    Can you please help me to understand what could be the possible reasons for not increasing my site DA?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. says

    You have presented a complete post, by not just telling about the ways to increase DA but equally how it is calculated. The tips are really great and I going to follow them . Thanks

  3. says

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge about increasing domain authority, it obviously gets more and more important how your website ranks these days in search results. Really enjoyed reading your article.

  4. says

    Instead, we must look at the bigger picture of today’s SEO — it’s content

    marketing. And you can only win in the other areas — domain authority,

    traffic, organic search results, and ranking — by focusing on your content.

  5. says

    What is the difference to old advices from 2010 or 2007? good content, lot of good backlinks, good inbound structure, fresh content, keyword variations,…
    are not PA and DA only buzzwords?

    • says

      No there is something new on the horizon, and that is relevancy. Relevancy of everything now dictates whether it’s quality stuff or not. Relevancy of backlinks, relevancy of content in relation to the context and this is the thing that now defines how fast your domain authority would improve and nopes PA and DA aren’t buzzwords, they are proper metrics which track the amount of effort being put into any website and the amount of traction it receives! :D

  6. says

    This is the best outline I have ever read. I have been reading other articles which does not give much details. Most of them recommend black hat seo which is suicidal. Thank you so much.

    • says

      Black hat seo just for the sake of increasing domain authority by boosting other stats is a short lived strategy. You must be an effective user of black hat strategies combined with ethical practices if you are really keen on using them, otherwise using only black hat tactics and tools would lead to a sad dismissal of rankings and authority in the long run!

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