What’s new inside the 13 inch entry level MacBook Pro?

Inside the cheapest pro MacBook that Apple offers now!

Yesterday, iFixit announced their latest “Getting Started” MacBook Pro disassembly video. In this video, they disassembled the latest 2019 13 inch MacBook Pro model. When compared with the previous generation, the new model uses the 8th generation Intel Quad-core processor and it also has the Apple T2 chip. Apple has now added the Touch Bar and Touch ID support for the first time in the base level model!

apple macbook pro 13 inch interior

When you open the back cover the MacBook interior is still at the top level. All images are courtesy of iFixit.

apple macbook pro 13 inch breakdown

After removing the motherboard, they found that the chips from left to right are Apple T2 chip, flash memory chip, memory chip and processor chip, all of which are soldered on the motherboard. This severely impacts the repairability of all of these components.

It was known that the SSD of the previous generation of MacBook Pro was still upgradeable. But this time Apple only left a flash soldering position on the motherboard, so it is difficult to upgrade the flash memory now. The memory used is two 4GB chips, and the dual-channel RAM helps to increase the total performance of this system.

Additional details and specifications

apple macbook pro 13 inch 2019 battery

The CPU does not indicate any information about the model. But it’s clear that Intel has created a new custom SKU for Apple. It is not yet certain what the 4-core 1.4 GHz processor is equipped with the Iris 645. Due to the addition of the two cores, the new multi-core running score has increased by 83.4% over the previous generation.

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Taking a closer look at the battery again, the old model had a 54.5 Wh battery. While the new model comes with a 58.2Wh which is a minor upgrade. But the battery life is 10 hours now as claimed by Apple.

Finally, iFixit gave a repairability score of 2 points for the new MacBook Pro. This means that just like the previous machines the new MacBook Pro isn’t really great from a repairing perspective.

So guys what do you think about the new 13 inch MacBook Pro and the changes that Apple has done this time? Do let us know about your opinions and thoughts in the comments section below!

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What’s new inside the 13 inch entry level MacBook Pro?

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