15000-Nit Dual-Layer OLEDoS Display by Japan Semiconductor Energy

Japan Semiconductor Energy reveals 15000-nit dual-layer OLEDoS display at SID 2024, ideal for XR headsets.

On May 30th, it was reported that the Japan Semiconductor Energy Research Institute showcased a micro dual-layer tandem OLEDoS (silicon-based OLED) display with an ultra-high brightness of 15,000 nits at the SID Display Week 2024.


According to DSCC analyst Guillaume Chansin, who shared details on social media, this microdisplay measures 1.5 inches with a resolution of 3840×2880 and a pixel density of 3207 PPI.

The 90Hz OLEDoS display features square pixels with a side length of 7.92μm. Each pixel includes one red, one green, and a larger blue subpixel, achieved through photolithography for light-emitting material deposition.

square pixel unit

The 15000-nit brightness makes this microdisplay suitable for XR headsets and other applications requiring ultra-high brightness.

In comparison, Samsung’s subsidiary eMagin displayed a similar 15000-nit single-layer RGB OLED microdisplay in 2023, but with a lower resolution of 1920×1200.

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15000-Nit Dual-Layer OLEDoS Display by Japan Semiconductor Energy

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