2019 MacBook Pro buttons have actually changed!

iFixit did a complete teardown! But repairability is poor as ever!

Apple has been under fire since quite some time for their MacBook Pro design. Ever since the introduction of the Butterfly mechanism keyboard on the MacBooks users have complained about repeated failures. Even with the membrane update for the 2018 MacBooks, the issues haven’t completely gone yet. So with the 2019 MacBook Pro buttons, Apple has taken a completely different route and changed the material for the switch as well as the membrane that’s used.

2019 MacBook Pro buttons: What all has changed?

Apple quietly updated the MacBook Pro product line this week. In addition to changing the speed of the products by introducing new processors. The company also said that it has redesigned the keyboard of the notebook and switched to new material. Although Apple did not mention what the new material is, iFixit gave us some answers by dismantling the whole setup.

2019 apple macbook pro buttons butterfly keys

The iFixit disassembly found that the silicone film covering the button switch in the new notebook keyboard has changed. The film in the 2018 MacBook Pro is translucent and feels more like silicone. The new film is more transparent and smoother to the touch. Through infrared analysis, the 2018 film should be Polyacetylene material. The new film is Polyamide (commonly known as Nylon).


The left side of the two figures is the component of the 2018 MacBook Pro, and the right side is the 2019 model. There’s quite a lot of difference between the two switches.

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macbook pro 2019 butterfly mechanism

In addition, iFixit also found that the metal sheet covering the button switch is different from before. Apple should have adopted a newer surface finish and replaced the alloy material, which may be the key to enhancing button durability and resilience.

Other changes

In addition to the keyboard, there are few changes in other design aspects of the new MacBook Pro. The notebook’s maintainability score is still not high, because the processor, memory, and flash memory are still soldered to the motherboard, while the keyboard, battery, speaker, and touch bar are glued together. So the score for repairability for the keyboard is still 1/10.

The keyboard of the new generation of MacBook has been controversial, many users are not really in love with its ultra-short keystrokes. Personally, I find it to be a great keyboard experience. At least until my 2018 MacBook Pro doesn’t actually give in to issues like double keystrokes or other issues. Users even hope that if Apple can properly increase the keystroke length, even the sacrifice of thinness is acceptable. To this end, Apple has also said that the button problem is very subjective and everyone’s feelings will be different. Although literally speaking, Apple is constantly improving through product iterations. But we all know that the 2015 models had the best keyboard experience. The greatest thing to learn here is that thinner is not always better.

So guys what do you think? Would the MacBook Pro 2019 machine also face the same issues as its predecessors or will it go on for a long time before facing any hiccups? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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2019 MacBook Pro buttons have actually changed!

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