Smartphones introduced in 2020 with the sleekest designs!

The best smartphones available right now with really thin designs!

Everyone we know owns a smartphone today and it is imperative that with time the needs of the consumer changes, gone are the days when smartphones used to be thick and heavy and difficult to carry. Over the years, companies have invested more time on the design element of smartphones, how it looks and feels, trying to make it look more stylish for the consumer. In 2020, we came across a series of smartphones from different brands, introducing slim and sleek smartphones for the user, below is a list of the sleekest smartphones that were offered in 2020.

Samsung Galaxy A71

Offering smartphones which are easy on the pocket and yet offer best features, Samsung introduced the Galaxy A71 earlier this year. It is a smartphone that offers a premium feel and looks with its 6.7-inch display surrounded by slim bezels all around. Despite featuring a large display and a huge battery, the device only weighs 179 grams and has a 7.7mm design giving it the slim feel.

Apple iPhone SE 2020

Apple revealed a new low – cost iPhone in 2020, iPhone SE 2020, which is a follow up to the 2016 iPhone SE. Like its predecessor, it is aimed at being Apple’s most affordable iPhone.

apple iphone se 2020 vs iphone 8

The iPhone SE 2020 bears an uncanny resemblance to the iPhone 8 but has the insides of the iPhone 11 series. Apple iPhone SE 2020 has an IPS LCD display with 7.3mm thickness and 148g making it Apple’s lightest iPhone with a sleek body.

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It’s also the most powerful phone amongst all of these in terms of raw power.

OnePlus 8

The OnePlus 8 introduced this year comes with one of the best designs in the market, making it one of the sleekest smartphones of the year. The smartphone has a glossy finish and its 8mm thickness and 180 grams weight make it comfortable to hold even after its 6.55-inch display size.

The new design with the latest hardware makes it one of the best flagship smartphones with a slim design.

OPPO F17 Pro

OPPO recently announced the launch of its latest offering in the F series, OPPO F17 Pro. The ultra-thin body of the F17 Pro is made with an industry-leading design to optimize and fit the mainboard, battery and other components.

oppo f17 pro india

OPPO F17 Pro’s thin design sports a 7.48mm ultra-thin and 164g ultra-lightweight profile which promises an ultra-thin body which can be easily slipped into the pocket. Targeted for the youngsters and millennials, the upcoming OPPO F17 Pro is one of the sleekest phones in this list.

Honor 9X

Honor welcomed the new year by introducing its new smartphone Honor 9X in January 2020. With design being one of the key selling points of the device, Honor 9X is only 8.8mm thick and weighs 175g making it one of the lightest devices introduced at the beginning of the year.

honor 9x launch india specifications price

With flashy aesthetics, large battery and better cameras, Honor introduced one of its sleekest devices of 2020.

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Smartphones introduced in 2020 with the sleekest designs!

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