DFC Intelligence says There Are 3.7 Billion Gamers Globally!

Research Reveals That Among 3.7 Billion Only 300 Million Gamers Are on Consoles and PCs

“Global Game User Market Overview” The report released by market research firm DFC Intelligence suggests that there are now 3.7 billion video game consumers globally.

The figure of 3.7 billion means almost half of the global population is a gaming audience. But the DFC noted that the 3.7 billion figure is quite misleading. There is a major difference between people who play games and the actual core consumer group of the industry’s business. 

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The total number of game users is not an accurate indicator of a product’s true market. Typically, only 10% of the user base represents the core audience, and further segmentation is often required to identify the optimal target market. User count alone should not be relied upon to gauge a game’s success or potential.

, said DFC Intelligence firm.

DFC suggests that there are around 300 million game users who purchase consoles or computers specifically for gaming. Mainframe gaming is mainly concentrated in North America and Europe, while mobile gaming has a larger player base and is more globally representative.

DFC also observed that users who only play mobile games have a significant opportunity to upgrade to devices with bigger screens. This is an opportunity to expand the video game hardware business.

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DFC Intelligence says There Are 3.7 Billion Gamers Globally!

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