5 Content writing secrets every blogger should know

Does this happen ever with you????

You are at your desk, after spending three hours continuously for making out the best post, you finally complete it, hit publish and then sit back thinking that it’s a masterpiece.

Then you go on waiting for the response.

After some time, When you return, expecting positive likes, re-tweets, shares and so on.


Nothing….. You see!

It’s very demotivating. But you still wait for another day. The other day too does not show a good response. It is very natural to disappoint, and you go in a dilemma. Am I actually right in my way???? Why are others so successful???

I think I need a huge group of friends and followers.

Let’s get deeper into this and see.

Quality content and the process of baking a cake, both are alike. The inputs, as well as the output, would decide whether your post rises or falls. Just have a look at it with a keen eye; to know if you are missing any content writing insights.

5 content writing secrets, the rundown:

Content writing secrets every blogger should know

Content Writing Secrets : #1 Make a Headline:

One of the essential elements to generating good content that gains attraction is the headline.

Just give it a thought.

People don’t just simply start reading a book or a blog or a poem. It’s always the heading that grabs their interest and excites them to start reading it. If we talk about social media too, it’s the headline that gets liked or shared the most. The heading spreads the idea about the content as well as an insight for the reader as to what to expect from a certain post.

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In such a vast online world, it’s the headline that is used as a medium to filter and find out whether an article is worth the reader’s time to read or discover something more about that topic.

Content Writing Secrets: #2 The Opener:

The very first line has two main purposes….

The first primary objective is to make the public read. The second primary objective is to make them keep reading.

We’ll have to do something that the opener turns to be so attractive that the viewers go on reading the content.

Answer: We’ll have to make it short.

You can begin the first sentence with an interrogative tone or statement.Like…..

  • Losing weight isn’t easy.
  • Have you ever tried this??
  • It was bound to happen.
  • Does this turn out to be sensible???

If you keep the opening line short and easy to read, the readers will be forced to read and go on.

Content Writing Secrets: #3  Want more and more readers??? Write in a way that it looks natural

The stanzas can be large but separated with some catchy lines.

Just imagine, what do people do immediately after they see a post???

They just see the headline, pictures, and text and then think whether to dive further in according to their time and interest.

If there are wide spaces in between the text, it makes it easy to read and attractive.

But long paragraphs reduce the number of views as well as readers because they appear to be time-consuming and complicated.

Content Writing Secrets: #4 Write in the way you speak:

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Even I used to avoid writing in early days. Well, it was more like loathing than hating.

One thing that helps me to break down the mental hurdles of anxiety and hesitation that keep you from being a more productive, and more engaging writer i.e.

A Good Rule of Thumb: Write content just like you speak it.

Good writing is like communication between the writer and the user. So whenever you’re going to write on any topic, think how you would explain to your close friend and write in a similar tone for your readers also.

When we write genuinely use words/pronouns like – you are, you would, they are, it is, do not, can not, should not, would not, etc. It makes content look interesting and natural. You have to write as if you are directly talking to the public.

Use the words that connect with the readers and make them feel that you are just identical to them.

Content Writing Secret #5 Write For Two:

We should always account for two readers. It should be interesting content.

First, there comes a thinker. These readers will observe your every word very carefully. They will imbibe every bit of information you provide.

The second category is the skimmer.

They’ll just read by viewing the headings, subheadings, italics, bold, etc.

But how do you write for two mentalities???

For the thinkers: make them move to every detail gradually.

And for the skimmers, write attractive subheadings after every paragraph. Subheadings are mini headlines designed to grab the attention of “would-be” skimmers.

Bonus POINT: Content Writing Secrets: #6 Proofread and Edit the document:

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No one is that genius to write a perfect post without any error or mistake in the first go. There are always certain errors that you would only discover when you proofread the content you wrote. It also lets you include the things you might have missed out.

Never forget the quote –by C. J Cherry… “It’s perfectly okay to write garbage – as long as you edit brilliantly.”

What other ways and content marketing secrets you follow and implement to market your content????? Do share in the comments below…. Also, do share if you feel there’s a very critical element in this article, that most of the bloggers miss out.

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5 Content writing secrets every blogger should know

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