For the ‘Tech’ of it: 6 New Year’s Resolutions for IT Professionals!

Whoo! That’s one more crazy year, done and dusted!

Objectively speaking, there’s nothing particularly extraordinary about the first week of January. The sky doesn’t turn red, the people around you don’t start speaking Mandarin, and your boss continues to expect you to work instead of giving you that 3-month long break you were wishing for. The first, second or third of January is just another day. Yet, we put this date on a pedestal.

With a fresh year comes a fresh us. We rinse 2022 free of all its bugs and viruses (adding extra security to really scrub those low points of the year out) and emerge triumphantly with an error-free, squeaky-clean code for 2023. For us IT professionals, stuck working the grind, New Year’s resolutions need to be both exciting and productive. After all, all work and no play make Jack (or Jill) a dull coder.

So, here are a few New Year’s resolutions for the techies that are a perfect mix of work and play:

Click the “Learn” button to never miss an update

Think you’re the king of Java and the master of Python? Well, chances are that there is already a 6-year-old Chinese kid who writes better code than you and does it two times faster. The year goes by fast but technology progresses even faster. So, put your nose to the ground and make a resolution to “stay up-to-date and keep learning”. Read industry news and blogs, attend tech conferences and events, and take online courses or earn certifications. Keep up!

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Be your own fanboy/girl

Finally, got that thumbs-up from the tester? Don’t play it cool. Freak out over yourself as you’ve just finished the script of the new Star Wars. Give yourself a pat on the back and admire the efforts it takes to get your work done. The world of tech is already brutal enough, you don’t need to put yourself down as well. Make a resolution to appreciate the brilliant, innovative and beautiful creature that you are.

Start life C:\Users\me\CarpeDiem\newyear.exe

Execute Carpe Diem. This is it! This is the year you finally take your career to the next level. No excuses. Make a resolution to seize every opportunity by seeking out new job opportunities, negotiating a raise or promotion, or taking on new responsibilities in your current organization. Remember, success comes to those who’re willing to try.

Manage your time

Don’t be the schmuck who spends every waking hour at the office. IT professionals are infamous for their lack of time management. Working sleepless nights once in a while is understandable but to stretch yourself thin constantly is no good. Make it a resolution to “manage your time”. Create a master plan before every project with realistic goals and stick to it as best you can. Being more organized will help you save time. Finish your work on time and trust me both your boss and your family will thank you for it.

Give back

Make your heart as big as the bugs the tester found in your code. Take a resolution to “pay it forward” and make a positive impact on your community in the New Year. Volunteer your time or expertise, participate in charitable events, or support causes you care about. Helping others will give you the peace of mind you’re looking for.

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Take a break from the screen

Digital screens may be the love of your life but trust me it is a cruel mistress. They are the worst energy suckers. You already spend 8 hours a day staring at the screen. Give your eyes and brain a break by monitoring your screen time at home. Instead of watching “Wednesday” on a Saturday, go out and have some fun with your friends and family, instead.

Simply put, the IT industry is an incredibly competitive industry. The most important resolution of all for IT professionals is to relax! Just give yourself a break. Make new year’s resolutions that will improve the quality of your life going forward. Don’t let the viruses in life get through the firewall of your determination. Good luck and happy new year!

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For the ‘Tech’ of it: 6 New Year’s Resolutions for IT Professionals!

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