7 Eye Opening Fiverr Secrets Every Gig Seller Should Know


With the coming of websites such as Fiverr and Seo clerks, earning money through Internet has been easy than ever. You can provide any type of skill you are expert at such as Logo Designing or Content Writing and get paid (Fiverr has a pre-announced price of 5$ no matter what type of skill you provide).

But, as a coin has two sides; it has a negative part too.

With the coming of this type of platforms which are easy-to-use, many folks started jumping into these type of marketplaces to sell their ‘GIGS’ which invariably increased the competition.

Now, you would find dozens of people offering you to design logo, writing content and much more. Especially in the case of newbies; as they have to compete with other biggies and reputed ones.

So, what to do? What to do for getting your ‘gig’ popular and persuade others to buy it?

In this article, we focus on some key factors why some gigs stay ahead from others (from the competition) and how to achieve it SIMPLY and AWESOMELY.

Fiverr Secrets Every Gig Seller Should Know : The Countdown!

Fiverr Secrets : #1 Location of Your GIG

It’s quite easy to understand. In the case of Google, when we start looking for answers we often tend to click the upper part or between 1-4 links. Or sometimes, just from the 1st page. No one gives a damn about the second page. It would be quite rare that a person visits the second page, as their doubts would be cleared by the First page only, there wouldn’t be any need to go on the second page.

In the case of marketplaces, your location or position depends greatly upon the time. A new gig would get to the top and maximum coverage. But, if you can’t get orders or can’t keep up with orders, your gig would start to fall in exposure; and by some time, it would finally be removed.

Note:- Many think that if you are one of the top sellers, your gigs ought to be at the top, but it’s not so.

Fiverr Secrets : #2 The Heading and Gig Description 

Every blogger knows the importance of headlines and how it helps in fetching in traffic. The same algorithm works alongside marketplaces. Your heading reflects much of the gig. A cool sounding heading will persuade them to go through your gig. Remember, title is more important and prominent than description; as people would first go for heading rather than for description.

Try to be unique from others. Use seducing words like INSANE, CRAZY, VIRAL, MAXIMUM, POPULAR like words which will increase the chances of getting your gig popular.

You can see Jon Morrow’s 317 Power Words which might help you greatly.

Fiverr Secrets : #3 Picture Alongside your GIG

A picture speaks a thousand words.

Headlines and Images are two important factors that influence one’s mindset to visit or not to. First, stick to your gig. Have a picture which is relevant to your gig. Secondly, make a picture which is not only relevant but also attractive and professional-looking.

It might take some great amount of time, but it would help you a lot.

Fiverr Secrets : #4 Reply them as Soon as Possible

We as humans are always ultra-protective; especially we care a lot about us. Buyers are humans too, and they try to contact various sellers providing the same gig such as logo designing.

Replying them fast, leaves a good imprint in the minds of buyers and they look you as trust-worthy. Most of my fiverr friends have assumed that the one, who replies the first, gets the buyer.

Fiverr Secrets : #5 Remove the Gig if you don’t get a Buyer within 10-20 Days

If you tried all the above methods and still do not get any buyer within 2-3 weeks, be sure that no is interested in your gig. It might be due to poor naming of the gig or various other factors.

By the way, Fiverr will itself start deporting your gig from top to bottom which directly cuts off your chances of getting any buyers. So it would be wise rather to delete it than sticking to it. After deleting, try to experiment with few other words and attractive images.

I hope you learned much on how to make fiverr gig rank higher.

What to do you think about fiverr? How to make Fiverr gig rank higher? More questions like this will be answered soon!

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Written by Sayantan Mahato

Sayantan Mahato is an fun-loving freelance writer, who blindly believes that Pens are more powerful than Nukes. He has been working with many top-notch blogs which includes EliteDaily, LifeHack & ShoutMeLoud and is eager to write for your blog!


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