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    Google Pixel phones face issuesafter updating Android 12

    android 12 issues on pixel smartphones

    According to reputed tech website PhoneArena’s reports, many users have experienced serious system problems after updating to the Android 12 system for their Pixel phones, including but not limited to system crashes and crashes of the main interface. These devices include many models from Google Pixel 3 to Pixel 5. A user said that its […]

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    Motorola Moto G71 mobile phone leaks online!

    According to the latest news from GSMArena, Motorola is preparing to release its new G series after launching the Moto E40. Recently, Motorola Moto G71 mobile phone appeared in FCC documents certification. FCC documents show that the model number of Motorola Moto G71 is XT2169-1, which is a 5G mobile phone that supports dual SIM cards and n5, n7, […]

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    Intel’s fourth-generation Xeon Sapphire Rapids processor confirmed

    According to reputed tech website TomsHardware, Intel recently confirmed the fourth-generation Xeon “Sapphire Rapids” server processor. The actual photo of this processor was leaked by an engineer @wassickt, who said that the photo of the processor came from the Intel IMAPS 2021 slideshow. As can be seen from the figure, the processor encapsulates four CCD cores, […]

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    Intel Alder Lake P mobile processor and desktop processors coming soon!

    intel core 11th generation price leaks

    Recently, Intel held an Architecture Day event and announced more details of the 12th-generation Core processor. This generation of processors, code-named “Alder Lake”, is divided into the Alder Lake-P series for mobile platforms and the Alder Lake-S series for desktop platforms. Among them, the suffixes of mobile platform products no longer distinguish the low-voltage version of the […]

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    Steam launches new rules to ban NFT and blockchain games from launching!

    On October 16th according to few latest developments, game developer SpacePirate disclosed that Valve’s game and software platform Steam has introduced new regulations. Games that use blockchain technology or allow users to exchange NFTs or cryptocurrencies will not be allowed on Steam. To put this situation in context, you need to know that SpacePirate is […]