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    5 Unconventional Ways to Use Skype at Home and the Office

    5 Unconventional Ways To Use Skype At Home and At the Office

    We live our lives on fast-forward: fast-food, fast cars, fast thinking, fast-everything. As such, we’ve developed a variety of tools to help us keep pace with how rapidly everything is changing. We use automation software to streamline our tasks, Facebook to keep in touch with our closed friends without making much of an effort, Twitter […]

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    Now Enjoy Blazing-Fast Gaming with Intel’s First Client Optane SSD

    Intel, known for their innovations in the field of chipsets are in news today. They just announced the launch of the Intel® Optane™ SSD 900P Series. This is the first SSD built on Intel® Optane™ technology for desktop PC and workstation users. The announcement came at the CitizenCon community gathering in Frankfurt, Germany. The Intel® Optane™ SSD 900P […]

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    MicroMax launches Bharat 1 phone along with BSNL!

    micromax bharat 1 review

    Micromax and BSNL in collaboration launched the Bharat 1 phone today in New Delhi. Bhim application and wallets launched by BSNL would work on the Bharat 1 phone. India is now the world’s largest consumer of Internet mobile data. India’s set on a mission to enable digital access for almost every Indian till 2022. Post […]

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    Ringba- The Ultimate Call Tracker: Product Review

    ringba call tracker review

    Pay per call networks and phone marketing has become a significant part of businesses these days. Many companies depend upon different online platforms or software for their call tracking needs. But not many of them provide any all-round solution for your business. Well, there’s an option now. What is Ringba? Ringba is a call optimization platform […]