Adobe Lightroom Adds AI Object Removal Feature

Adobe Lightroom’s new AI-powered features include one-click object removal and lens blur presets, enhancing photo editing capabilities.

On May 21, Adobe announced the addition of new AI features to its photo editing software, Lightroom. These features are part of Adobe’s ongoing effort to integrate advanced AI tools into its products.

adobe lightroom object removal ai

The first feature, Generative Remove, is powered by Adobe’s AI image generator “Firefly.” This tool allows users to select and remove unwanted objects from their photos.

adobe lightroom object removal

The AI analyzes the background and fills in the removed area seamlessly, making it appear as though the object was never there. This feature is available on mobile, desktop, Lightroom Classic, and the web version of Lightroom.

adobe lightroom new ai removal generative features

The second feature, Lens Blur presets, enables users to blur the background of photos, highlighting the main subject. With a variety of presets to choose from, users can achieve the desired effect without manual adjustments.

These new features are now live.

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Adobe Lightroom Adds AI Object Removal Feature

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