Adobe Photoshop Introduces Firefly Image 3 AI Model: Enhancements and Beta Access

Adobe Photoshop releases the new Firefly Image 3 AI model, enhancing AI-generated imagery with superior detail and quality. Available in beta.

According to reports on April 23 and previously available info, we know that since last year, Adobe has been adding a large number of AI-based features to its various software products, including the Firefly AI-based image generation function for Creative Cloud applications such as Photoshop.

Today, Adobe announced a new version of Photoshop that includes not only some new AI image editing features and improvements but also the new Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model for making AI-based content based on text prompts.

adobe firefly demo ai

Adobe said in an official press release that Firefly Image 3 will be able to create higher quality, more diverse, and more detailed images than previous versions, and it can also better understand text cues.

adobe firefly ai image gen demo

We have attached the official introduction as follows:

  • Reference Images: Use user-selected images as generative inspiration to help creatives achieve the output they imagine.
  • Text to Image: For the first time, text-to-image functionality is available directly in Photoshop, shortening the distance between a blank page and image content.
  • Generate Replaceable Backgrounds: It’s easier than ever to generate content that blends seamlessly into existing imagery.
  • Generate Similar Content: Allows creators to iterate on selected images and explore creative ideas more deeply with more precise control.
  • Enhance Details: Fine-tune the image to increase sharpness and clarity.

adobe firefly ai demo hue adjustment

The new version of Photoshop is available now on desktop platforms with a Beta tag and will be fully released later this year.
Firefly Image 3 is also available in beta today and can be accessed on its official website.

adobe ai firefly new generate features

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Adobe Photoshop Introduces Firefly Image 3 AI Model: Enhancements and Beta Access

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