Adperiscope vs Adplexity Adult: Who wins?

The battle of online Adult Ad Spy Tools!

If you read our last article about why it’s imperative to use the AdPeriscope tool to spy on your competitors in the adult niche for advertising then you must be thinking. Dayum, why didn’t they mention any alternatives? Truth is that there are few more tools out there for doing what AdPeriscope does. But none of them is good enough to recommend them in place of AdPeriscope. Today we are going to compare another similar tool to AdPeriscope and explain why it’s still the undisputed leader when it comes to making an Adult advertising campaign profitable by spying on the competition. So let’s begin our AdPeriscope vs AdPlexity Adult to find out who wins!

Ad Spying tools are a must in today’s cutthroat competitive online advertising landscape. You need a really good ad copy and proper strategic placement in order to drive the maximum ROI for your ad campaigns. Spying on competition is often looked upon as a low-level tactic but long-term players know about the power of proper spying. Proper analysis of competition is essential for any advertising campaign to be placed properly and be successful. And this is not achievable these days without using quality Ad Spying tools. Two of which we are going to compare in today’s post!

Before we do a huge side-by-side comparison of both these tools let us briefly recap the features of the AdPeriscope tool for all of you as a gentle reminder of what this tool is really capable of.

AdPeriscope salient features: 

  1. It has campaigns from over fifty plus countries and covers almost every continent.
  2. You can find the exact banners with the help of keywords.
  3. You can access all of the major Adult Ad networks (this is more than any other tool.)
  4. You get access to the largest Ad banner inventory in this genre.
  5. You can find hidden campaigns run on a hundred and fifty-plus mobile service providers.
  6. You can download any landing page you like to deploy it as your own.
  7. You get to uncover the most profitable sites from this niche to run your personal campaigns.
  8. You can keep track of your competition and get alerts which propel you to take action.

Feature comparison AdPeriscope vs AdPlexity

The main question that arises is that these were all of the things that the AdPeriscope tool is capable of. So what is it exactly that the competitors lack? Let’s talk about AdPlexity Adult. AdPeriscope provides users with two kinds of search options, i.e. simple search option and one advanced search option. The advanced search option relies on the Boolean algorithm. Compared to this the AdPlexity Adult tool only comes with one search option and there is no advanced search option.

So when compared to the AdPeriscope tool AdPlexity adult provides nothing as technologically advanced.

Secondly, if we talk about filtering options then AdPeriscope comes with data filtering options on the basis of countries, ad networks, publishers, mobile carriers, devices, ad length and so many more filters whereas, its competitor AdPlexity Adult only comes with filtering on the basis of ad networks, countries and ad lengths only.

adperiscope review ad tool featured

And lastly, if we start comparing the prices then also AdPeriscope wins really easily as it comes with a quite lower and more reasonable price when compared to AdPlexity Adult.

So why exactly is AdPeriscope a better choice?

AdPeriscope lets you pinpoint the exact data that you want. Other competing tools don’t provide so many detailed insights even at higher price points and with a much lower feature set.

    You can filter your data on the basis of ad network, mobile carrier, country, device type, language, banner dimension and third-party trackers.
    device adperiscope
    You can sort the data on the basis of the date seen, advertisement strength, duration and Alexa rank of the landing pages.
    You can search for banners and adverts on basis of keywords. AdPeriscope searches all the banners for relevant text info so that all of it is indexed for searching.
    You can also use their advanced boolean queries for searching.

What are exclusive AdPeriscope Features?

    This is one of the finest landing page rippers available in the market. You can download, optimize, edit and upload any landing page you like within AdPeriscope. You don’t even need to download them on your system.
    adnet adperiscope review
    You can easily keep an eye out for competition. The tool can notify you instantly whenever your competitor launches a new advertisement.
    You can use AdPeriscope in order to create your own custom set of favourite advertisements & campaigns in order to view them later and perform detailed analysis.
    This tool allows you to isolate affiliate offers from a variety of affiliate networks using their powerful affiliate filter.

So guys it’s fully clear that the AdPeriscope tool is a much better option for people looking to spy on their competition in the Adult ads niche. What do you think about this? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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Adperiscope vs Adplexity Adult: Who wins?

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