AI Saves APAC Workers 6.3 Hours Weekly: Deloitte Report

Deloitte’s report reveals AI saves APAC workers 6.3 hours weekly, boosting productivity and work-life balance.

May 17, 2024 – Deloitte recently released a report titled “Generative AI Usage in APAC: New Generation Leads, Employers Need to Catch Up.”

deloitte ai report

The survey included over 11,900 respondents from the Asia-Pacific region, highlighting how the new generation is leading in saving work time, developing new skills, alleviating workload, and boosting productivity through generative AI.

Key Findings:

  • New Generation Leads: College students and employees in the APAC region are leading in using generative AI, but only half believe their superiors are aware of this.
  • Significant Impact: Generative AI could save 1.1 billion work hours annually in APAC, accounting for about 17% of total work hours.
  • Technology Landscape: Developing economies in APAC have a 30% higher adoption rate of generative AI than developed economies, potentially reshaping traditional technology landscapes.
  • Talent Development: Employees using generative AI save nearly a day of work per week (6.3 hours), allowing more time for skill development.
  • Time Savings: Generative AI helps reduce workload and improve productivity. Among those who save time with AI, 41% report better work-life balance.
  • Risk Management: Three-quarters of surveyed companies have not effectively implemented generative AI.

generative ai use in china

The report also notes that generative AI usage is widespread in China, with 74% of students and 71% of employees having used it.

The daily use of generative AI tools is expected to grow by 341% over the next five years.

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AI Saves APAC Workers 6.3 Hours Weekly: Deloitte Report

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