AI Skills, Not AI, Will Take Your Job, Says Netflix CEO

Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos claims AI won’t replace writers or actors, but those skilled in AI will have the edge in the future job market.

Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos does not believe AI will replace writers, actors, and directors, but those proficient in AI might replace current job holders.

Sarandos, in an interview with The New York Times, said:

“I don’t believe an AI program can create better work than top human writers, nor do I believe AI will replace excellent actors.

I also don’t think we will be unable to distinguish between AI and human-created works in the future.”

Sarandos emphasized that AI won’t take your job; people skilled in using AI will.

He referenced the shift in the entertainment industry with the advent of home video recorders as an analogy, translating related interview content as follows:

Remember how people resisted home video recorders? For decades, film studios were reluctant to authorize movies for TV broadcast. However, each technological advancement in entertainment ultimately fostered business growth. I don’t know if this time will be different.Twenty-five years ago, when we started mailing DVDs, we entered a transforming industry. We knew physical media wouldn’t be the future. I think using AI in today’s creative fields is a natural progression. Writers, directors, and editors will use AI as a tool to better complete their work and tasks more efficiently.

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AI Skills, Not AI, Will Take Your Job, Says Netflix CEO

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