Alleged leak showing Google Adsense defrauded publishers


Google AdSense program for web publishers and bloggers is one the most widely used monetization platforms all across the web. Almost all of the online advertising industry revolves around Google AdWords and the Google AdSense program. Many publishers get too worried about how to get their AdSense account approved in the first place and after that they are worried about how not to loose their AdSense accounts. Trust me for any blogger or online publisher who is solely dependent upon this program for their earnings it is a major blow when they get banned from Google Adsense. I even wrote a Google AdSense reinstatement guide for those of you who were wondering whether it’s even remotely possible to get a banned account back. I even covered adsense ad placement tips for those looking out to optimize their earnings. But this supposedly true allegation by a former Google Employee who worked at Google Adsense has come out as a bit of a shock. I remember that back in 2012 we covered a massive click bombing attack which got wide spread coverage everywhere. It was found that many of the publishers that got banned at that time were not guilty of any misconduct and just lost their accounts forever and no number of re-appeals was enough to get those accounts back. Now when I match all my previous collected information and data with this supposedly true leak then it all fits in together like pieces of jigsaw puzzle.

[Unverified] So how Google Adsense defrauded publishers?

Here is the whole webpage covered for you so that you can read it all here. The link is included to the original post made on Pastebin at the end.

Alleged leak showing Google Adsense defrauded publishers

So how much truth do you think there is in this leak which shows that Google Adsense defrauded publishers, let’s see only time will tell how much truth there is to this news. 

Here is the original source.

DISCLAIMER : None of this is verified news but considering the scope of allegations we are taking them with a pinch of salt!


:: UPDATE ::

The alleged Google Insider has posted again on Pastebin, and this time this person has shed some more light on why he/she did what he/she did and this time they have urged the disgruntled publishers to make a public case themselves. Here’s the screenshot of the latest post.

Alleged leak showing Google Adsense defrauded publishers PART 2Alleged leak showing Google Adsense defrauded publishers PART 2

Source for this leak : Source part 2.

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