Amazon AWS Denies Halting Nvidia Chip Orders

Amazon AWS confirms continuous orders of Nvidia chips amid transition to new models, addressing investor concerns.

Amazon’s cloud computing division, AWS, clarified to Reuters that it has not stopped any orders for Nvidia chips, countering reports about pausing the purchase of the advanced Grace Hopper chips.

AWS spokesperson explained that the transition from Grace Hopper to Blackwell chips pertains only to Project Ceiba, a supercomputer project co-developed with Nvidia. AWS continues to offer other services based on Nvidia Hopper chips.

The Financial Times had reported that AWS paused Grace Hopper chip orders, awaiting the more powerful Grace Blackwell (GH200) chips, raising investor concerns about potential demand drops between product cycles.

Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, highlighted that the new processors, introduced in March, would double the capabilities for training large language models.

Grace Hopper, launched in August, had a short interval before the introduction of the Blackwell chips, which AWS deemed reasonable to wait for. Nvidia, citing its quiet period policy, declined to comment ahead of its quarterly earnings report.

On Wednesday, Nvidia’s stock rose by 0.64% while Amazon’s dropped by 0.21%.

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Amazon AWS Denies Halting Nvidia Chip Orders

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