Amazon and Crystal Dynamics to Partner on New Tomb Raider Series!

Is This the Beginning of Lara Croft’s New Adventures?

On December 18th, Amazon announced that it would be responsible for the distribution of Crystal Dynamics’ next “Tomb Raider” game, and said that this work would land on multiple platforms. The previously available information shows that this game is being made with Unreal Engine 5. The official promise is that this work will be the “largest and most extensive sequel to date” of the series. It is currently in the early development stage, and more details will be announced later.

At the Unreal Engine conference in April this year, Crystal Dynamics officials stated that their goal is to break through the medium’s limits and provide a high-quality cinematic action-adventure experience. We recently learned that the officials previously revealed that the new instalment of “Tomb Raider” will integrate the old series under Core Design and the timeline of the restart trilogy game of Crystal Dynamics. Rumour has it that the game will be

“an action-adventure game set in a modern world set in a mysterious catastrophe.”

In fact, many players questioned Amazon’s distribution. Some fans believe that as a large multinational company, Amazon’s publishing department may suffer from “corporate lethargy and slowdowns” and dictate game production, changing the plot, system, development direction, etc. They are not optimistic about the cooperation with Crystal Dynamics this time.

Of course, there are also players who are delighted that “Tomb Raider” can get the help of a company of Amazon’s size, and are optimistic about the plot and graphics that the game can finally show. In fact, Amazon has previously participated in the distribution of MMO games such as “The Lost Ark” and “New World” (also the producer), and the “Blue Agreement” launched with Bandai Namco is also an MMO. Tomb Raider can be regarded as Amazon’s first foray into single-player narrative games, and many players believe that Amazon will be handier in this type of work.

What do you think? Does this sort of involvement bode well for the future of the Tomb Raider game franchise? Do let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below!

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Amazon and Crystal Dynamics to Partner on New Tomb Raider Series!

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