Amazon Executives Emphasize Robotics and Automation as Tools to Boost Human Productivity, Not Replace Jobs

Amazon execs clarify that robotics and automation are meant to enhance worker productivity and efficiency, not to replace human roles

According to reports on April 13, 2024, Amazon executive Stefano La Rovere recently expressed in an interview that robotics and automation technologies are not intended to replace human jobs but rather to enhance productivity.

In his discussion on CNBC’s “Street Signs Europe,” La Rovere stated that the idea of technology and robots completely replacing human jobs is merely a myth.

Over the past five years, Amazon has invested $751 million (approximately 5.445 billion yuan) to implement over a thousand new technologies in its European logistics centers, thereby boosting the productivity of more than 50,000 employees.

The company announced last October the introduction of two new robots, Sequoia and Digit. Sequoia, similar to Roomba, is designed for inventory recognition and storage, which helps reduce order processing time.

Digit, produced by Agility Robotics, is a 5 feet 9 inches tall robot weighing 143 pounds, capable of moving and handling objects with its humanoid design and arms.

La Rovere emphasized in the interview that these robots are deployed to assist employees with repetitive tasks, heavy lifting, and reducing the need to walk long distances. Employees freed from these tasks have the opportunity to acquire new skills and capabilities, advancing their career goals.

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Amazon Executives Emphasize Robotics and Automation as Tools to Boost Human Productivity, Not Replace Jobs

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