AMD’s 7nm Navi GPU frequency might exceed 2GHz!

Expected performance increase by upto 30%!

At the end of Computex in Taipei, AMD will launch its 7nm Ryzen 3rd gen series processors. Navi 7nm cards may also be shown at that event. But word on the street is that they might not be officially released. Current information points to an AMD Navi GPU June release, and the possibility of a listing by July.

It can be said that the Navi graphics GPUs would be best by AMD in recent years. The current exact specifications, performance is unknown as of yet. But we know from leaks and rumours that this generation is 7nm process GCN improved infrastructure. But its performance is less. It may be more than 7nm Vega, but the overall positioning is lower than the RX Vega graphics card. Thanks to the technological advantages brought by 7nm, Navi ‘s main attraction would be energy efficiency.

amd 7 nm navi gpu frequency upto 2 ghz

There have been a lot of Navi graphics cards leaks in the recent past. There is good as well as bad news. Videocardz website has received new news, the anonymous person gave Navi (specifically it should be Navi 10 core) GPU’s more detailed specifications – 40 groups of CU units, 2560 stream processor units with frequencies greater than 2 GHz and 30% better performance than the Polaris architecture.

AMD Navi GPU: What’s different?

According to this news, AMD Navi graphics card generation is equivalent to NVIDIA ‘s change in Maxwell’s generation. This means that the energy efficiency of 7nm Navi has changed a lot. The energy efficiency improvement brought by NVIDIA ‘s Maxwell can be said to have laid the path for Nvidia at the high end. The same might happen for AMD now!

amd navi lineup leaked

Considering that the Radeon VII graphics card frequency of the 7nm process has been increased to 1.8GHz, the 2GHz frequency of the Navi graphics card is also very likely. After all, Navi ‘s SP stream processor unit is much smaller than Vega, reducing the number of GPU computing units helps to increase the frequency.

amd navi lineup gpus leaked

The overall performance increase of about 30% is also in line with the scale and frequency. It is expected that the performance of Navi graphics card can reach the level of RTX 2070 graphics card. The latter’s price is 41K INR to 49K INR. But AMD ‘s pricing will obviously be more cost-effective at around 40K INR. This leaves an interesting question open for GPU enthusiasts for choosing their next GPU. Would it be a Navi based AMD GPU? Or would the people side with Team Green again? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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AMD’s 7nm Navi GPU frequency might exceed 2GHz!

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