Source Suggest AMD’s Desktop Ryzen 8000 APUs Might Have Only Zen 5 Cores

Per the news on June 10th, AMD recently shared the AM5 platform roadmap, confirming that the Ryzen 8000 series desktop processors will utilize the Zen 5 Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Navi 3.5 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) architecture. They have also affirmed that the Zen 5 CPU will be supported until at least 2026.

According to the relevant information shared by the Twitter account “Moore’s Law Is Dead,” AMD’s upcoming Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) chip, codenamed “Strix Point,” will have two types of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs). The attached list of those SKUs is as follows:

  • – Up to 12 Zen 5/5c cores, 16 Compute Units RDNA 3+ integrated GPU
  • – Up to 16 Zen 5 cores, 40 Compute Units RDNA 3.5 integrated GPU

AMD Desktop Ryzen 8000 APU zen 5 cores

Moore’s Law Is Dead has claimed that the Strix Point APU is based on a 4nm process with a die size of “over 200 mm2” and a package cost comparable to that of a “Granite Ridge” desktop Zen 5 CPU. Moore’s Law Is Dead has also stated that there will be no cost advantage for the AM5 Strix Point APU over the desktop Zen 5 CPU.

They added that the integrated GPU is likely to be the key selling point of the desktop Ryzen 8000 Strix Point. The news also reported that the Zen 5c core will cause a drop in game performance due to Thermal Design Power (TDP) limitations. As a result, the desktop Ryzen 8000 APU will only contain the Zen 5 core.

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Source Suggest AMD’s Desktop Ryzen 8000 APUs Might Have Only Zen 5 Cores

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