AMD NUC coming soon, to feature more powerful processor and more!

The integrated all in one small computer from AMD is coming soon!

Intel has virtually had no competition whatsoever in the mini PC segment. Intel’s NUC had very few competitors. Most of the other solutions too used Intel components, this has led to a mini PC industry with just components from Intel and no one else to challenge their monopoly! Now there’s news that AMD “NUC” is coming, and it is expected to be equipped with a stronger APU.

According to Notebookcheck reports, since 2013, the Intel NUC Personal Computer Suite has won a large number of fans, but AMD never gave them direct competition in this field. Now there is news that with the success of the Ryzen line of chips, AMD will also launch their own PC suite.

amd nuc leaks asrock

According to the exclusive news of Fanless Tech, AMD has been working hard to develop its SFF PC product line. But, unlike ASRock’s latest AMD models, these products will no longer use the embedded Ryzen processor, but use a higher power processor.

In 2017, Intel’s top Hades Canyon NUC model was equipped with the 8th generation Core i7 quad-core chip, integrated with AMD’s Vega mobile graphics card, TDP up to 100W. And this time AMD’s “NUC” product is expected to be as powerful as this one or even more powerful product.

Fanless Tech said that the project is going to be carried out smoothly. An AMD “NUC” is coming soon. As NUC is registered as a trademark by Intel, AMD’s PC Suite will have a brand new name which might be revealed at a later stage.

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AMD NUC coming soon, to feature more powerful processor and more!

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