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AMD Ryzen 3rd Gen runs DDR4 3200 mHz, to support 4400+ mHz!

Is AMD really going to go all out with these CPUs?


AMD’s first two generations of Ryzen made a lot of users crib about the memory, the frequency was not high enough and the delay was also relatively large. So gamers, overclockers generally preferred Intel platform even till this day. This situation might change with the introduction of AMD Ryzen 3rd Gen CPUs.

The second generation of Ryzen’s Zen+ architecture has made great improvements in memory frequency, delay, and compatibility. The standard frequency has been increased from DDR4-2666 to DDR4-2933, while the Zen 2 of the third generation of Ryzen continues to dig deeper. From the current situation, an even higher frequency can be basically assured at this point in time.

amd ryzen 3rd gen 4400mhz frequency support

It has been confirmed that the default frequency support of the Ryzen 3rd Gen CPUs has been increased to DDR4-3200, which is in line with the JEDEC standard organization specification. And by further overclocking, the new Ryzen memory frequency can reach at least DDR4-4400 MHz. This is amazing news for gamers as well as overclockers who want to squeeze out even the last bit of performance from their systems.

AMD Ryzen 3rd Gen frequency details and more

There is also news that it can be pushed to even DDR4-5000. But I am afraid it will only be an extreme use case with Liquid Nitrogen cooling or other parameters. After all, this is a very gruelling test criterion for the whole system, and the actual performance benefit may not be too obvious and hence any gains achieved through such crazy overclocking might be inconsequential. 

amd ryzen matisse ddr4 4400mhz plus

Because AMD Zen architecture adopts CCX modular design, the Ryzen 3rd Gen CPUs are multi-core packaged chipset design, which is more sensitive to memory frequency and delay. AMD will definitely pay more attention to this to ensure that users don’t suffer.

Just earlier this week there was GeekBench 4 score leak. It pointed towards the case of DDR4-2666 relatively low-frequency memory being used by a Ryzen 3rd Gen CPU with 6 core 12 thread 3.2-4.0GHz frequency and it exceeded the performance of 8 core 16 threads, 3.7- 4.2GHz second-generation Ryzen 7 2700X.

So these are exciting times for PC enthusiasts indeed. Guys, what do you think? Would Ryzen 3rd gen CPUs really surpass all our expectations and force Intel to innovate even further? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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