Zen3 AMD Ryzen 5700G APU leaks, 5600G also in tow!

Is this the upcoming all in one CPU from AMD?

AMD’s Ryzen APU has been very successful for mobile applications and for use in notebooks in recent years. This has put Intel in a very uncomfortable position. But it is very uncomfortable for a lot of users who like AMD APUs because the previous generation of Zen2 architecture Ryzen 4000G APU has seen very limited supplies and has been limited to SI and OEM fields.

Regardless of profit or production capacity. Now, the Ryzen 5000U and Ryzen 5000H series of Zen3 architecture have been launched, and the leaks of Ryzen 5000G also have been seen from time to time. We have seen the Ryzen 7 5700G and Ryzen 5 5600G models in leaks online. Obviously, it is not far away from being launched.

amd ryzen 7 pro 5000g leaks

Today, a well-known user from the ChipHell forum leaked the CPU-Z screenshot of a Ryzen 5000G lineup processor.

The CPU-Z version 1.95 can recognize the specific model, which is enough to prove that it should be the official version. It is really close, but the specific number is coded. It can only be seen that it belongs to the Ryzen 7 PRO series, which is obviously aimed at businesses. The OEM version of the entire enterprise lineup might not be out for retail.

There is no surprise in terms of specifications: It flaunts the AM4 interface, 7nm process, Zen3 architecture, 8 core 16 threads, 4MB L2 cache, 16MB L3 cache, all the same as the comparable mobile lineup.

In terms of frequency, after testing, the default full-core frequency can boost to about 4.05GHz, and the problem of max frequency exceeding 4.75GHz doesn’t seem to be present. The power consumption, temperature and control are excellent. Compared with the Ryzen 7 5800X, the cooler and the heat accumulation problem has been improved upon.

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Taking into account the overall market situation this year the Ryzen 5000G has a very little chance of entering the retail market. So guys what do you think about the latest leaks regarding the 5000G series? Do let us know your thoughts on the same in the comments below! You can subscribe to our push notifications and newsletter for more tech updates!

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Zen3 AMD Ryzen 5700G APU leaks, 5600G also in tow!

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