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AMD to consider moving production to Samsung’s Foundry!

amd might shift to samsung foundry

There have been reports recently that Intel plans to outsource the manufacturing of some chips to TSMC, and the cooperation is even aimed at 3nm in 2022.

Unexpectedly, a new rumour said that AMD is considering handing some of it’s production over to Samsung to produce some future APUs and GPUs.

Considering the great success of current and previous generations of Ryzen products, AMD’s hopes to increase production is understandable. However, TSMC seems to be unable to meet AMD’s needs, because in addition to AMD, TSMC has to give priority to serving Apple. In addition, there are more other technology companies, such as Qualcomm and NVIDIA, that have cut their heads and will squeeze in.

This is why AMD is looking for Samsung to help solve its manufacturing dilemma. It is the second largest foundry company, and its technical level on paper is not lower than that of TSMC. It is even said that the price is cheaper for the Samsung foundry.

amd 32 core ryzen threadripper processor geekbench score leaked

It is reported that AMD may even become one of Samsung’s first 3nm customers . However, it should be noted that AMD is still weighing its options. After all, in the short term, the total cost of transferring production to a new factory may be higher than the loss caused by reduced production.

In addition, some analysts said that Intel handed over the outsourcing of it’s production in some capacity to TSMC and strengthened advanced process cooperation, which weakened AMD’s priority. Of course, the authenticity of this statement is open to question.

So guys what do you think? Will the processor wars intensify even further? Are there chances for Intel to catch up to AMD with their soon to happen collboration with TSMC? Do let us know your thoughts about the same in the comments section below! Feel free to subscribe to Inspire2Rise push notifications for more timely tech updates and more!

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