AMD Sticks with TSMC Over Samsung Despite Higher 3nm Yield: Report

On July 19th, DigiTimes reported that although Samsung has reportedly exceeded TSMC in 3nm process yield, AMD is unlikely to shift their 3nm orders to Samsung foundry.

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AMD’s CEO Lisa Su recently met with TSMC’s CEO Wei Zhejia to discuss future plans, including the development of the next-generation 3nm process.

While the specifics of their collaboration have not been revealed, DigiTimes believes that AMD and TSMC have been working together for at least two years, and their partnership is expected to continue through to the 2nm process.

On July 18th, Hi Investment & Securities released a report stating that Samsung Foundry’s yield rate on the 3nm process has reached 60%, which is higher than that of TSMC’s 55%.

Samsung is reportedly making significant progress in the development of the 3nm process, continuously enhancing production technology and yield.

It is anticipated that Samsung will outstrip TSMC in ultra-advanced chip manufacturing technology. However, Samsung’s current yield rate of 75% in the 4nm process lags behind TSMC’s 80%, but it is expected to outperform TSMC in the future by developing 3nm.

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The report also noted that because Apple has booked most of TSMC’s orders, companies like Nvidia and Qualcomm are showing interest in Samsung’s second-generation 3nm (SF3) process.

In a previous report, Samsung Foundry revealed their most recent process technology roadmap at SFF 2023, which includes the launch of a 2-nanometer SF2 process in 2025 and a 1.4-nanometer SF1.4 process in 2027.

Some characteristics of the SF2 process were also disclosed.

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AMD Sticks with TSMC Over Samsung Despite Higher 3nm Yield: Report

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