AMD Vega 9 performance leaked online, the 12nm GPU is here!

Is this going to bring more powerful and affordable notebooks?

It was recently revealed online that AMD’s soon going to release a new mobile chipset i.e. the Ryzen 5 3550U, equipped with the AMD Vega 9 internal GPU. Now, the reputed publication Notebookcheck has posted more information about this processor. The 12nm Vega 9 core performance exceeds the NVIDIA’s MX 230 in terms of raw performance. The leaked data all points towards this being a really powerful GPU for a laptop. And this would definitely be good for a budget HD gaming experience on upcoming laptops which use this chip. Here’s a look at the OpenCL performance of the Vega 9.


amd vega 9 mobile gpu performance leaked

In OpenCL in Geekbench, Vega9 scores 20% higher than the regular Vega 8. This can be attributed to it having 9 compute units. In addition, the Vega 9 GPU has a boost clock frequency of 1.3 GHz, which is 200 MHz higher than the RX Vega 8. This is at the same level as the RX Vega 10. Notebookcheck pointed out that Vega 9 scored more than the GeForce MX 230 and even more than some Radeon RX 550X in the same benchmark. 

amd vega 9 performance geekbench

Thanks to the 12nm process, the AMD R5 3550U seems to be more aggressive in terms of performance. Adding a Vega core and increasing the frequency has also helped the overall performance tremendously. The AMD R7 3750U is expected to be equipped with a Vega 12 core, which will be more powerful than or will be aimed at the MX 250. However, it should be noted that due to the difference between the benchmarks and the real-world gameplay, the specific game performance may be different from the benchmark run score.

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So guys what do you think? How long would it be before we see laptops equipped with the new Vega 9 GPUs? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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AMD Vega 9 performance leaked online, the 12nm GPU is here!

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