AMD Zen4 architecture IPC increased by 20%!

The server version expected to go to 96 cores.

Although AMD’s Zen3 architecture Ryzen 5000 series processors are still out of stock, they are available on desktops and laptops in terms of market distribution. The remaining server versions of EPYC III have little to do with the normal consumer market. It is time to pay attention to Zen4 architecture in 2021.

Zen4 is the successor to the Zen3 architecture, and starting from this generation of architecture, AMD will design new CPU slots, PCIe 5.0, DDR5 memory, etc. are also expected, basically it will be a full blown out upgrade!

The main point of Zen4 is an architectural improvement. The desktop version will continue the current minimum six core and maximum sixteen core design (ThreadRippers are not considered in this one) and it would feature an upgrade to TSMC’s 5nm process.

AMD will continue to tap Zen4 architecture, focusing on enhancing the IPC performance, the RGT website recently posted the news and the claims were that with Zen4 the IPC increase will be good compared to Zen2 to Zen3, the latter improvement is 19% IPC, the people at RGT think with Zen4 upgrade the maximum that we are going to get is 20%.

amd cpu roadmap

In addition to the architecture improvement, the server version of the Zen4 processor Genoa (Genoa) has changed significantly, and the number of CPU cores will continue to increase, from a maximum of 64 cores to 96 cores, an increase of 50%, plus DDR5 memory and other advanced technologies. With all of these improvements, the performance of the next-generation EPYC is worth looking forward to.

As for the release time, the Zen4 considering AMD’s previous timelines will come out before 2022. The fastest we can expect is the end of this year, and the slowest timeline would be for next year. The specifics depend on progress and demand for the CPU.

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AMD Zen4 architecture IPC increased by 20%!

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