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Android 12 will make it easier to update the operating system

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On November 26th Google launched the Project Mainline project to improve the way Android updates. In the upcoming Android 12, the update process of the operating system may be easier. XDA developer “luca020400′ pointed out that Google is converting Android Runtime (also known as ART) into a Mainline module, making it possible to push updates to key system components through the Play Store.

For now, we do understand that Android Run Time compiles the bytecode of Android applications into native machine instructions. If Google wants to change the way that Android 12 (and future versions) compiles code, it can be adjusted at any time instead of relying on traditional operating system updates if the new approach is adopted. Users don’t have to wait weeks or months for feature improvements or security fixes.

This may have a real impact on the devices and applications you use, even if it’s not necessarily better. XDA pointed out that Google can provide more consistency to applications by making ART behave in the same way on all Android devices. However, this will also take away some of the customization features that device manufacturers are used to. If they adjust ART for performance or flexibility, you may lose these privileges.

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However, Google may feel that this is worth the sacrifice. Android 12 can partially solve the problem of OEM manufacturers lagging behind or skipping operating system updates, and of course, there is a big problem of improving compatibility. This still won’t solve some problems with Android updates, but if there is a zero-day vulnerability that needs to be fixed before the traditional patch arrives, this new change will make a difference.

So guys what do you think about this new approach? Will it fix Google’s problems with Android’s fragmented updates? Do let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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