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Android 12 system screenshots leaked for the first time!


By convention, Google will release the Android 12 system update this year.

On February 9th, according to XDA reports, Google’s early documents leaked screenshots of the Android 12 system, leaking some features of Android 12 in advance.

As shown in the figure, the notification panel of Android 12 adopts a new design. The shortcut icons on the top have changed from 6 before to 4 now, and the icons are larger than before.

android 12 new system ui leaks

XDA also pointed out that the privacy features of Android 12 have been further strengthened. The status bar icons “camera” and “microphone” at the top mean that an APP in the system is being called.

android 12 new ui leaks

android 12 new system features

Previously on Android 11, the system added one-time permission for location, microphone and camera. In other words, the next time an APP that has obtained one-time permission is used, it still needs to ask the user for authorization.

android 12 new camera ui

Now Android 12 system update will further enhance privacy and security while monitoring the APPs to protect user privacy.

The new version of the system will be unveiled in the first half of this year, and the Google Pixel series will be the first models to support Android 12. So guys, as and when that happens we will update our Pixel 4A and let you know everything about this device! Are you excited about this upcoming update? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below! Do feel free to subscribe to our push notifications and our newsletter in order to receive more timely tech updates, leaks and much more! Stay Inspired to Rise!

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