Unveiling Android 15: Native Satellite Communication UI and Its Operational Insights

Explore the newly exposed UI for Android 15’s native satellite communication, detailing how users need to orient their phones towards the signal for connectivity.

The article discusses the recent exposure of the native satellite communication UI in Android 15.

According to sources, Google’s Pixel 9 series will support an emergency satellite communication feature, based on the Samsung modem 5400. This capability will also be available in the next-generation Pixel Fold and 5G tablets.

The feature first expanded in the second developer preview of Android 15, enables the sending and receiving of messages through a satellite connection.

android 15 satellite navigation ui

Leaker @Nail_Sadykov shared images of the satellite messaging UI within Android 15, which shows similarities with Apple’s approach in its satellite messaging functionalities.

To ensure a strong connection, users must position their phones towards the satellite, aided by a UI that helps in aiming. This setup is presented in full-screen but can be minimized.

android 15 satellite communication features

The connection requires keeping the satellite icon within a circle.

The feature asks users several questions, assisting emergency services in understanding the nature of the emergency and how they can provide help.

satellite sos android 15

It’s designed for use only in emergencies, under the name “Emergency SOS”. The function also necessitates carrier support, such as T-Mobile, and doesn’t rely on base station signals.

Currently, phones like Huawei Mate 50, 60 series, and others support satellite communications. The feature is available only in certain regions for iPhone 14 and 15 series.

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Unveiling Android 15: Native Satellite Communication UI and Its Operational Insights

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