Android Q Desktop mode coming soon, rise of the Droid?

Expected to support larger screens with ease!

Android is a great operating system for small screen devices like smartphones. Even on tablets now Android feels more useful than ever. Personally, we would love to use Android on something like an 11 inch or 13-inch compact laptop-style design. Because such a device would definitely have a great battery life along with being great for normal productivity tasks. Such a device would also be perfect for normal Internet surfing along with casual music etc. Users who would opt for such a device won’t be the ones looking for superlative power or app support and it would make perfect sense for a lot of people.

Recently, the XDA Forum has unearthed a new feature from the Android Q beta – the desktop mode for really large screens.

Android Q Desktop mode expected features:

To adapt to the big screen, Android Q’s desktop mode offers many new features:

First, on the big screen, the same app can open a second window. Such as Chrome can be opened on the phone. But it can open a second window on the big screen at the same time.

Secondly, the big screen also supports the “multitasking recovery” feature of Android Q, which allows two apps to run simultaneously without being suspended.

Moreover, the on-screen keyboard can also be displayed on a large screen, and in a multi-screen environment, the keyboard can be switched between multiple displays at will.

Wallpapers and live wallpapers on your phone can also be expanded on the big screen.

In addition, the user can set the desktop APP that supports large-screen display to a dedicated desktop in desktop mode. After the external display, Android automatically enables the user-selected desktop APP on the large screen.

android q desktop mode samsung dex
The Samsung Dex was one of the closest to a desktop Android experience as of yet!

XDA said that considering this potential desktop model, Google’s next-generation flagship Pixel 4 is very likely to support HDMI video output. This might be something on the lineup of Samsung’s Dex functionality which we have seen in the past. Maybe we will see Google’s new Pixel model within 5 months. And this time there would be something to be genuinely excited about!

So guys what do you think? Are you excited about a development like this? Would you actually buy a laptop or other device with full desktop Android running on it? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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Android Q Desktop mode coming soon, rise of the Droid?

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