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Android Q name difficult to finalise, Google running out of desserts!

android q name tough for google

Since 2009, each generation of Android was named after a dessert. And this has become a fixed practice for Google now. So the new generation of Android i.e. Android 10, Q will also be a certain kind of dessert. We already did a candidate pickup article for the possible Android Q name list, but certainly, it seems a lot tougher than before!

But the problem is that the desserts headed by the Q letter are very rare. Not only is it hard to guess which kind of dessert it will be, but even Google believes that the dessert name for Android Q is really hard to think about.

Android Q name: Official news.

On May 13th, according to some foreign publications, Sameer Samat, vice president of Google Play products, said in an interview that they are very excited about the dessert name of Android Q, but at the same time, the name of the dessert starting with Q is really hard to think of. Google is working hard to find the right name.

oneplus 7 pro android q update

Although there are indeed desserts headed by the Q letter, such as Queen of Puddings, Qurabiya, Queijadas, etc. But when compared to other letters, the number is small. And from the perspective of popularity, the above desserts are not as easy to accept as other versions like Nougat, Oreo, Pie.

Just because the name of the desserts starting with Q is not well defined, there are reports that Google may give up the name of the dessert altogether. Or they might choose to cooperate with some food brand to obtain authorization for a popular name like KitKat or Oreo.

As for the final name of the Android Q version code, it is expected to be under wraps until the official version is released. Take Android P as an example. Last year, Google announced the Android P code on August 6. Therefore, we might finally be able to know the Android Q name by August this year!

So guys what do you think? Will Google be able to find a dessert name in time? Or are we gonna see a new Android version without the sweetness? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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