What will official Android Q name be ? What sweetness Android 10.0 will bring?

The name for this year’s Android Q 10.0!


Google has a history of naming the latest versions of Android on the names of popular desserts. A lot of people like this practice a lot as it gives them a visual manifestation of the latest sweet goods on offer by Google. What would this year’s Android Q name be?

While it may serve to distinguish products on a yearly basis but the most important thing about this naming convention is the obvious branding advantage that it provides to Google on a yearly basis.

As we move forward into another year we have Android Q here. Let’s do a brief recap of all the Android names till now leading up to Android Q.

The first two versions were with internal codenames. The first publicly named Android version with a dessert name was Cupcake. It was followed by Donut. Then Eclair, Froyo, GingerBread, HoneyComb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Kitkat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo and Pie followed.

Pheww, that was a long list. And now let’s take a closer look at all of the potential candidates for this year’s Android Q.

Quinoa: It’s a very unlikely candidate for this year’s Android 10.0. It’s often used to make Quinoa puddings and desserts. Sometimes made with Coconut milk and maple syrup.

quinoa dessert inspire2rise android q name
Android Q name: The choices are many!

A variety of desserts employ the use of Quinoa. But because it’s not exactly the name of a dessert we feel the chances for this one to make the shortlist is quite tough.

Quiche: This is one of the frontrunners for this race. The word “quiche” is often used to describe sweet things as much as the word “pie” is used. It’s made of milk, cheese, eggs and with meat, seafood or vegetables all enclosed in a pie like crust.

Android Q name quiche
Android Q name: Quiche.

Although it’s not included in the list of conventional desserts it still feels like this might make the cut this year.

Quindim: Quindim is a tasty custard which is pretty popular in Brazil. Its constituents are egg yolks, sugar & ground coconuts. It’s one of those things which completely fulfils Google’s criteria of the desserts that they choose.

Android Q name Quindim
Android Q name: Quindim

If Google decides to go for a non-English name this year for Android Q then this name can easily make the cut.

Qottab: It’s an Iranian pastry and contains walnuts or almonds which are wrapped in a deep-fried covering which is made of flour, cardamom and sugar.

Android Q name qottab
Android Q name: Qottab!

It’s not something which exactly fits the mould for Android Q naming but can make the cut if Google goes for something unconventional.

Quesito: These are cute looking pastries. They have sugar coated exteriors and are flaky. These pastry treats are often filled with cheese and taken with breakfast.

Android q name quesito
Android Q name: Quesito!

They are usually vanilla flavoured and have fruits inside. So it’s very likely that these can make the cut.

Queijadas: They are pretty popular cupcakes originating in Portugal. They come in a wide variety of flavours. But they are not something known outside their country of origin that much.


Android q name queijadas
Android Q name: Queijadas

Hence their chance of getting selected is pretty low.

Qurabiya: They are usually made with ground almonds on the inside and are biscuits which look like shortbreads. They are not that much common on a global scale and the name is quite tough to pronounce for a lot of people.

Android Q name Qurabiya
Android Q name: Qurabiya

Personally, we feel that Quiche would be the perfect choice for this year’s Android Q. But we have been wrong before! Do let us know what you think would be a great choice for this year’s Android version’s name in the comments below!

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