Anstrex Review: Best Ad Spy Tool to Crush the Competition!

Is the age of Native ad spying over? Or just starting!

Being profitable is the primary goal of almost any online business. Whether you are a Blogger, affiliate marketer, or someone who just manages and runs online ads for a living there are some tools that you swear by which just make the whole process of research, etc. easy. Anstrex is one of those tools!

If you are somebody who is into affiliate marketing or a native advertiser then you need to put in efforts to understand your audience in a better way.

You can always spy on your competitor’s Native ads to know all of their advertising secrets. Once you have it all in place then you can modify and reverse engineer all of that in order to use the same for your own ad strategy.

With the Native Ads Spy tool by Anstrex, you can spy very easily on the Native ads strategy employed by your competitors. By doing so you can get very detailed information about how they are deploying their ads without putting in a lot of work.

anstrex review the dashboard

So in today’s Anstrex Review, we are going to talk about the features of Anstrex and how it can help you to forge a digital strategy that will allow you to dominate the online ad space.

There are a lot of Blackhat and illegal tools out there but Anstrex is one of the best legal Native Ads spying tools which you get in the market today!

Using Anstrex you can spy on the best working ads of your competition and by exploring the current trends which are afloat in the native ads industry. So employing these strategies you can ramp up your R.O.I and overall sales.

So What is Anstrex and how much does it cost?

Anstrex is a Native Ads spying tool and can help you to become the best advertiser online. It is a tool that provides all advertisement competitive intelligence data right in one place so that you can get detailed information easily about any of the products out there.

Anstrex costs around $39.99 for a standard subscription. A standard package has 2 ad networks support. It supports one-country targeting. You also get private forum access and online support and there’s a two-day zero-obligation trial period.

With the custom package, you get all of the above and more.

But in the ultimate package, you get all of the twenty advertisement networks. All thirty-one countries are included in the package. There are options for unlimited alerts. You also get an affiliate network filter, and affiliate offer wall, and it’s supported in all countries.

In the ultimate package, you also get support for advanced boolean searching along with LanderBolt integration. The trial period is the same as the other packages. The ultimate package starts at $59.99 per month and is the highest configuration option for Anstrex.

anstrex review anstrex pricing comparison

What is possible using Anstrex?

Using Anstrex you can easily:

  • Save a huge amount of time on research.
  • Get a lot more value for your advertising spend.
  • Access a lot more advertisement networks than other Native Ads spy tools.

The greatest merit of this tool is the fact that it has one of the biggest databases with more than 10 million native advertisements from twenty-seven ad networks in more than fifteen countries.

anstrex ad spy tool review

Here’s a full-size screenshot of their official website which you can visit in order to check their offerings:

anstrex affiliate ad tool

There are also tools that allow you to download all of the high-conversion landing pages from competitors. Then you can easily customize them in order to use them as your own. This feature of this tool allows you to save tons of money as you don’t have to hire someone to design your pages if you use this tool. A lot of affiliate marketers, bloggers, content producers and native advertisers prefer this tool over similar offerings by others.

anstrex review country support

One of the best things about this tool is that it works on the desktop as well as mobile. Using Anstrex you can spy on competitors based in countries like the UK, USA, Canada, Japan, South Africa, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Turkey, India, Mexico, and a lot more. You can also easily analyze native adverts in different categories spread across various languages.

What does Anstrex Dashboard look like from the Inside?

The Anstrex dashboard looks as seen below. It gives you an advertisement traffic overview depending on your traffic channels.

anstrex review dashboard screenshot

It also allows you to choose an Ad Network type from different ad network options which are already available.

You can also choose Desktop/Mobile traffic-based high-performing advertisements.

Why is Anstrex a preferred tool?

Anstrex allows you to easily drive more traffic because once you get full info about your competitors it’s easier to replicate their success.  You get full Alexa information along with other web integrations which provide you with all of the traffic sources of your competition.

This tool also allows you to speed up your time of advert delivery. You get top-quality research right at your fingertips using this tool and its advanced search features. So detailed info can be found without putting in extreme effort.

There’s also an Anstrex Community which allows you to see how others are getting it done. There are also options to get good-quality images. So using that you would know which images work the best. You also get an option for full text-based image search.

You can also use it to know on the basis of alerts when new ads are launched.

Who is Anstrex for?

This tool is for all Brand advertisers, content creators, affiliate marketers, and direct sales marketers too.

The pros of this tool include the ability to test it out using a free trial and everything else which we already discussed. The cons of this tool aren’t many but its somewhat high pricing might put off some prospective buyers!

So what do you think? Would you buy this tool? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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Anstrex Review: Best Ad Spy Tool to Crush the Competition!

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