Anthropic Secures $4 Billion Investment from Amazon: Former OpenAI Employees’ Brainchild

They also own the Large Language Model Claude

According to recent reports, Anthropic, a rival of OpenAI, has announced a collaboration with Amazon, where they will receive up to $4 billion in cash (Editor’s note: INR 331.73 Billion or currently about 29.24 billion yuan).

Anthropic and Amazon plan to work together to create dependable and efficient foundational models and explore further partnerships. As part of the agreement, Anthropic’s technology will be made available to Amazon employees and cloud computing clients ahead of time, who may then incorporate it into their current operations.

Additionally, Anthropic plans to predominantly use Amazon’s cloud services to teach and build future big AI models, which will take advantage of the many specialized chips bought from Amazon.

With the aid of Amazon Cloud Services’ high-performance, low-cost learning accelerator, Anthropic intends to educate and implement its future foundation models using AWS Trainium and Inferentia processors.

With this arrangement, Amazon continues to profit from the buzz around generative AI. Due to the overwhelming interest among Amazon cloud service subscribers in Anthropic’s sizable language model Claude, Anthropic will now widen its assistance for AWS Bedrock.

Businesses will benefit from this since it will let them modify and adjust the service safely, maximizing Claude’s effectiveness while reducing any possible negative effects. The specifics indicate that Amazon will purchase a slight stake in Anthropic for $1.25 billion initially (currently approximately INR 103.66 Billion or 9.138 billion yuan).

Up to $4 billion might ultimately be spent on the project by both businesses. Anthropic previously garnered financing worth almost $5 billion earlier this year. Also, last year, Google invested $300 million in Anthropic.

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Anthropic Secures $4 Billion Investment from Amazon: Former OpenAI Employees’ Brainchild

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