Apex Legends Talent System: Each Legend to Equip 3 Skills in Upcoming Game Update

Based on reports on September 14 and information from Thordan Smash, a reputable gaming blogger, it has been revealed that Rebirth Studio is currently conducting tests on the talent system in “Apex Legends” for desktop and console platforms.

Once implemented, each legend will have the ability to equip three skill abilities. Historically, Respawn has never made significant adjustments to the core experience of “Apex Legends.”

However, the introduction of this talent skill system is anticipated to bring about a fundamental change to the game’s competitive style.

apex legends talents update

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the system being updated in “Apex Legends” is reminiscent of skill abilities found in previous versions of mobile games. The system includes general skill enhancement, terminal skill enhancement, and exclusive skill enhancement.

Each skill can be customized based on individual preferences, such as recovering firearm bullets after executing finishing skills or resetting the cooldown of tactical skills upon knocking down an opponent.

Nevertheless, please note that the system is still in its testing phase. The final decision on its launch and potential modifications will be announced officially, requiring players to patiently await further updates.

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Apex Legends Talent System: Each Legend to Equip 3 Skills in Upcoming Game Update

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