Apple’s 2023 App Store Transparency Report Highlights

Apple’s 2023 App Store Transparency Report reveals 6.89 million app reviews, 1.76 million rejections, and $1.8 billion in prevented fraud.

On May 18, Apple released its second annual App Store Transparency Report. The report details the number of applications reviewed, customer and developer accounts deactivated, and apps removed from the App Store in 2023.

In 2023, the App Store reviewed 6,892,500 apps, rejecting 1,763,812 primarily for performance, design, and legal reasons. After modifications, 277,923 apps were approved.

Apple removed 116,117 apps, with the most removed categories being utilities, games, and business. Violations included design guideline breaches (76,887 apps) and fraud prevention rules (35,245 apps).

apple app store 2023 data

Each week, the App Store had an average of 398,499,012 customer account searches. At least 166,360 apps appeared in the top 10 results of 1,000 searches weekly.

Apple also terminated 373,739,771 customer accounts, preventing fraudulent transactions worth approximately $1,838,127,451.

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Apple’s 2023 App Store Transparency Report Highlights

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