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Apple Airpods Pro 2 new design leaks!

Leaks suggest a much more rounded design with removal of stems!


Apple officially launched the first true wireless noise-cancelling headset AirPods Pro in 2019. This product has been well received by consumers around the world and offers a very good experience and has opened the door to a new world for countless users who never have experienced noise-cancelling headsets.

But Apple seems to be taking a different direction with the design of the upcoming 2nd generation of Airpods Pro. There have been rumours that Apple will bring huge changes to the appearance of these next-generation products.

apple airpods pro 2nd gen rumoured leaks
Credits to @theapplehub on Twitter.

Recently @theapplehub posted a new leak related to the new AirPods Pro, speculating on some of the designs of this new product.

From the speculations, the most noticeable thing about the new AirPods Pro is that the headset body uses a different design from the past, completely removing the “headphone stems” that have been used in three generations of Airpods. But it seems like this time it adopts an in-ear solution similar to Samsung and Bose. Compared with the previous generation, the overall size is significantly reduced, enabling a better noise cancellation experience!

As for the charging box, there is little change. The existing rounded rectangular design will still be used, but thanks to the substantial reduction in the size of the headset, the size of the charging box will also be reduced, making it easier to carry.

In addition, the leaks revealed that the new AirPods Pro will be equipped with the same Apple H1 chip as the previous three generations, and its audio, noise reduction and user experience should not be much different from the previous generation.

It should be noted that there has been some news that the new AirPods Pro will bring better waterproof and dustproof capabilities, which will help improve the durability of the product.

Based on the current supply chain information, the new AirPods Pro has already begun off-line production, among which Chinese Winbond Electronics (Winbond) is one of the manufacturers that supply NOR flash memory to Apple, and it is expected to officially debut in April this year.

So we can expect the product to be launched by March-end or April! Truth be told all of these leaks should be taken with a pinch of salt. We never know how the final product would look like till the very day of the launch!

So guys what do you think about these leaks? Will Apple actually remove the stems from the upcoming Airpods Pro 2? Do let us know your views on the same in the comments! Feel free to subscribe to our push notifications and our newsletter for more timely tech content and leaks!

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