Apple to Use Confidential Computing for AI Data Processing

Apple’s AI servers will employ confidential computing to ensure data privacy, combining device and server-side processing for enhanced security.

Apple plans to announce its AI strategy at the upcoming WWDC, integrating it into iOS 18 and other OS updates. As previously reported by Bloomberg, Apple will use a hybrid approach, combining device and server-side processing for AI functionalities.

Shifting data processing to Apple servers raises privacy concerns, especially given Apple’s focus on on-device processing. According to The Information, Apple has found a solution to provide robust AI processing in the cloud while maintaining strict privacy standards.

Apple intends to use “confidential computing,” a method that ensures data remains encrypted throughout processing. Typically, cloud services encrypt data only when stored on disks.

For processing, data must be decrypted in memory. Apple’s approach keeps data private during the entire processing phase, aligning with the concept of confidential computing, ensuring data remains secure during processing.

For the past three years, Apple has been working on a secret project called the “Apple Data Center Chip” (ACDC). This AI chip aims to facilitate “black box” processing.

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Although there are potential vulnerabilities if hackers physically access Apple’s server hardware, this method is considered safer than other tech giants’ AI strategies. The system is so secure that Apple can claim it cannot access or provide user data in response to subpoenas or government investigations.

The exact workings of this technology remain unclear. The Information notes it’s uncertain how Apple will manage secure processing across multiple user requests on a single chip within a data center.

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Apple to Use Confidential Computing for AI Data Processing

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