Apple to Fix “Car Accident Detection” Mode on the Apple Watch!

Apple officials say they are collecting relevant feedback to curb “car accident detection” false positives!

News on January 15th: In an interview with the New York Post recently, Apple’s official spokesperson said that it is collecting relevant feedback from emergency call centres to curb the problem of “car accident detection” false positives. A spokesman declined to provide further comment.
The New York Post pointed out in the report that Apple’s “car accident detection” feature caused a large number of false 911 calls in ski resorts such as Greene County, New York State, and Carbon County, Pennsylvania.
We do understand that many Americans choose skiing for relaxation during the Christmas holidays, so Grand County, Eagle County, Pitkin County, Routt County and 12 counties known for their skiing, including Summit County and Summit County, received a high number of false positives for “car accident detection” due to skiing.
apple iphone crash detection feature
Pat Eliasen, Sheriff of Cook County, Minnesota, USA, previously stated that his dispatch centre would receive nearly 700 false alarms in 2022, all of which are caused by Apple iPhone users’ “car accident detection” function.
Eliasen said that the “car accident detection” function of iPhone 14 models and Apple Watch has serious false detection functions, especially when users are participating in outdoor sports such as skiing. Eliasen said that after receiving these false alarms unless dispatchers called to confirm that it was a false alarm, dispatchers had to send first responders to the location. Sometimes, this involves dispatching rescue teams, law enforcement, EMS personnel, etc.
So guys what do you think? Should Apple have tested a bit more before rolling out this feature? Or were they right with their ship first, fix later approach this time? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!
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Apple to Fix “Car Accident Detection” Mode on the Apple Watch!

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