Will Apple bring gestures to older iPhones or not?

Would the older iPhones get a dash of modernity?


When the iPhone X was announced it was the hottest thing around. Those almost non-existent bezels. The unique notch style design, premium materials and build quality plus a lot of other things made it a very desirable smartphone.

But out of all those things, one of the most important ones was the UX i.e. the User Experience of the phone.

iphone x gesture based navigation

This was what separated the wheat from the chaff.

It made the whole phone feel fresh, new and innovative to use to the point that almost all Android manufacturers copied that style of navigation and many copied the design too to a great extent.

What was meant to be an exclusive experience trickled down to even the most basic of Android phones?

Now with Android P system-wide gestures would become commonplace on almost Android phone with it.

Recently Xiaomi too announced that in the next MIUI update the support for gesture-based navigation would come to all its phones.

This begs the question as to why has Apple not yet introduced the gesture-based navigation system to the older generations of iPhones.

older iphone gestures

One point against this line of thought can be the fact that most of the older iPhones rely on the touch id based navigation i.e. you have to do almost everything via the home button/TouchId.

Now, this is a usage pattern that most iPhone users are accustomed to and many would prefer this physical button-based navigation more than the gestures/swipes and everything.

But a novel approach can be to have an optional ability in the older iPhones via a firmware update which allows them to have gesture-based touch input too along with the classic pre-existing input mechanisms.

So users who really want to use the gestures can manually enable that feature while the rest of us who are happy with how the iPhones work without them won’t have any issues at all!

So what do you think? Is a move like this possible by Apple in the near future?

Or will older iPhones never receive an update to have that iPhone X like gesture-based experience?

So do you want to see a development like that? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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