Apple Introduces Swift Assist AI in Xcode 16

Apple unveils Swift Assist in Xcode 16 at WWDC 2024, enhancing code prediction and error correction for developers using Swift.

On June 11, Apple announced Xcode 16 at WWDC 2024. The highlight of this release is the integration of the Swift Assist programming assistant, designed to help developers by predicting and correcting code errors automatically.

According to Apple’s official press release, this assistant employs a unique model trained specifically for Swift and Apple SDKs. Running in the cloud, it offers programming suggestions to developers:

“Swift Assist seamlessly integrates with Xcode, recognizing the latest SDKs and Swift language features. With Swift Assist, developers can explore new frameworks and experiment with new ideas efficiently.”

Swift Assist runs powerful cloud-based models with privacy and security in mind. Developers’ code is only processed to handle requests and is not stored on servers. Apple will not use this data to train machine learning models.

Code completion is powered by machine learning enhancements in macOS Sequoia, operating locally on developers’ devices, ensuring privacy. Developers receive relevant suggestions even while working offline.

Additionally, Apple introduced a new dynamic linking architecture in Xcode 16, allowing code preview and execution with the same setup for a smoother workflow.

The Xcode 16 preview is now available for download, supporting Beta versions of iOS 18, iPadOS 18, macOS 15, Apple tvOS 18, visionOS 2, and watchOS 11. A download link is provided on Apple’s developer website.

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Apple Introduces Swift Assist AI in Xcode 16

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