Apple iOS 13.3/iPadOS 13.3 public beta Beta 1 update starts rolling out!

Solves the app auto kill background problem!

On November 6th, Apple pushed the iOS 13.3/iPadOS 13.3 developer preview Beta 1 update. Yesterday Apple pushed the beta 1 update for iOS 13.3/iPadOS 13.3. This update has arrived just a week after the official version of iOS 13.2. iOS 13.2 brought the image processing system of Deep Fusion to the iPhone 11 series. Previous iPhone users didn’t get that feature as it required the Apple A13 Bionic chip in order to run!

Users who have updated to this new beta firmware posted in social media and Apple’s official forum that the problem of apps being force killed in the background has now been fixed!

In addition, this update adds a new screen time communication limit that limits a child’s phone, message, and FaceTime chat objects based on contact settings.

ios 13.3 public beta 1 update

In addition, this update also adds the ability to hide Animoji and Memoji expressions, so that they are not displayed on the keyboard. The colour of the inner circle of the Apple Watch’s crown changes from black to grey with this update!

So, guys, it seems like we are just some time away from the official rollout of the iOS and iPad OS 13.3 rollout. And this update is also something which is sorely needed right now because of all of the issues that the current iOS update has brought in!

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Apple iOS 13.3/iPadOS 13.3 public beta Beta 1 update starts rolling out!

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