Apple iPad Pro 2018: Is this the future of computing?

The new iPad Pro can do a lot of things, but is it enough?

Apple has been a company known for innovating in the past few decades. Recently a lot of people have claimed that the death of Steve Jobs has led to the company’s loss of innovation on all fronts. People are tired of incremental upgrades and exorbitant prices. But is the real situation like this? Apple has this tendency of outperforming all its rival by a major margin. We all are aware that Apple’s high price tags shall continue to make them a recipient of major scoff, jokes and memes. But that doesn’t change the fact that they do create some of the most powerful devices in their category. The latest one in line is their new Apple iPad Pro 2018 which could very well be the future of computing, and that’s basically our point of discussion today.

Apple iPad Pro 2018- is this the future of computing?

The insides:

apple ipad pro 2018 featured

People around the world are going gaga over the capabilities of the new iPad pro. The A12 X-Bionic is arguably the fastest performing chip in the market right now. If we go by their alleged Geek Bench 4 scores, the single core scores 5020 points while the octa-core jumps up to 18217 points. These scores are faster than the laptop I’m currently working on.

All this power packed inside its slim body is truly a marvel of technology. Along with all that power of the A12X Bionic is 4/6GB RAM and storage options ranging from 64GB to 1TB. At this configuration, Apple hands down beat all its competition and even challenges the biggies from other categories too.

What does that mean?

While we are not sure about what it will all mean in the long run, and if Apple is just one of the forerunners in the long line of products equally fast or even faster, this certainly push the brand to the top position and makes us wonder, have we reached the next level of mobile computing?

All the tasks that once required heavy-machinery like post-production and sound designing or video editing can now be done on the Apple iPad Pro without much fuss.

Working on iMovies and Procreate is a breeze of fresh air and you would really enjoy working with the new Apple pencil, drawing and editing stuff with your hand while your fingers flow on the screen, all this without any lag whatsoever!

Apple claimed that it matches the processing prowess of Xbox One in terms of raw power. While we may not fully agree to that, it is not really far behind in claims. But you got to understand one thing in here.

Xbox One is a towering console, with multiple fans and plug-in requirements, and Apple iPad Pro is thinner than an Xbox One’s handheld manual. The entire tech inside that little body, truly scary stuff.

Apple pencil

Another important thing that needs to be discussed here today is the new Apple pencil. While it was always there for use, it used to be a little uncomfortable to store and use in general on iPad. Apple has smoothed out this by making the new pencils magnetically clip to the sides of the iPad, thus saving you all the fuss. It’s also a hell lot easier going through procreate or Lightroom with a pencil just clicking all your way up. It’s a likeable transition.

Is the new iPad Pro the future of technology?

We don’t know yet. But it is surely one big step towards the future, and with the new iPad, Apple has once again shown the world it’s capabilities.

You can watch one of our favourite YouTubers i.e. Jonathan Morrison from TLD Today explore what it’s like to edit 4k content on an iPad in the video below!

So would you ditch your laptop for something like this? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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Apple iPad Pro 2018: Is this the future of computing?

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