Apple Mac Pro 2019 specifications and price in India!

The Cheese Grater is here!

The upgrade to the Trash Can Mac Pro is finally here! A lot of professionals and content creators alike have been waiting for a long time for Apple to upgrade their desktop offering. And since the past few years, it felt like those prayers were not being heard. But finally, Apple has released a new pro machine and damn it’s powerful. But it’s also crazy expensive. So let’s delve right into Apple Mac Pro 2019 specifications and price in India and we will also discuss whether it’s a great upgrade over the previous model or not!

Apple Mac Pro 2019 build, design and details

apple mac pro 2019 cheese graterApple didn’t update the trash can design with new internals because according to them that design put several constraints on what hardware was possible. The 2006-2012 Mac Pros had a tower style design. The same design marks a return with the Cheese Grater design for the new Mac Pro. Apple had announced back in 2017 that they would come with a new Mac Pro and it took them two years to finally deliver on that promise.

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If we talk about the build it’s similar to those past models as it doesn’t have any paint on the outside. It has an aluminium body with feet and visible grille. It has bigger air vents than before which cover it fully for more cooling. The feet and handles of the Mac Pro are made from steel piping which is also used to form the frame for the chassis.

You can also easily access the internals as the entire body can be removed with the help of a latch present on the top which rotates. All the four sides, as well as the top of the Mac Pro, can be accessed.

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Apple Mac Pro 2019 specifications, under the hood

On the inside, Apple has made sure that people can easily expand anything they want. Unlike their MacBooks, these Pro machines are made to be tinkered with!

It has 8 PCIe expansion slots. 4 of these are double-wide x16 slots and there’s one single wide x16 slot. There are two single-wide x8 slots and there’s a half x4 slot which comes with Apple’s I/O card which has 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports, 3.5 mm back and 2 full-size USB ports. There are 2 Thunderbolt 3 connectors on the top of the chassis as well!

apple mac pro 2019 specs and price

It’s easy to expand any way possible but Apple has a new solution called as Mac Pro Expansion i.e. MPX modules. These modules utilize 1 x16 PCIe connector and a 2nd PCIe connector on the side. The 2nd connector allows that card to transfer the data to the 4 Thunderbolt ports on the Mac Pro. They can handle up to 475W of power transfer apart from the 75W power being given via the x16 PCIe connector.

This makes using two GPUs on a single card without using 6/8 pin power connectors easily possible.

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On the right, there’s the CPU along with the graphics module. The left side has the RAM, storage along with the power supply. There are four fans for cooling the entire system. Three of them are placed at the front of the case to suck in cool air through the holes. One of them passes air through the heat sink for the CPU and the other two take care of the MPX modules. The dedicated fan for the power supply takes in air from the front and passes it over the memory, storage modules and then through the power supply and finally that hot air exits through the back.

CPU options and more

apple mac pro 2019 top view

If we talk about the hardcore stuff, the Mac Pro only comes with Intel Xeon W processors. The base model has an octa-core CPU but it can be configured with models ranging from 12 core all the way up to 28 cores. All of these CPUs have support for Hyper-Threading, this means that you get twice the threads on all the variants.

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If we talk about the RAM things get a lot more heated up. A whopping 1.5TB of memory is possible for the maxed out version. There are 12 DIMM slots all of which are user accessible. The memory can be set up to six channels. You can start from a base configuration of 32 GB which might be overkill for normal users But you can go up to 48, 96, 192, 384, 768 and 1.5TB DDR4 ECC RAM!

P.S. These are RAM modules. This is not the storage!!!!

apple mac pro 2019 4 fan designOnly the 24-28 core CPU models can use the max RAM option. The lower core count CPUs also can’t access the full 2933 Mhz speed for the DIMMs.

Talking about the storage the Mac Pro supports flash-only storage. But the storage options don’t seem user upgradeable as of now. The base model has 256 GB of storage and it can be increased up to 4TB. All this is controlled by Apple’s T2 security chip, which handles hardware level encryption as well. There are 2 SATA ports on the Motherboard but Apple hasn’t really provided an option to use a normal SSD inside the case.

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If we talk about the GPU it has a normal Radeon Pro 580X for the base model, this is inside the half-height MPX module. If you get a full-height MPX module then you can get a Radeon Pro Vega II GPU as well.

You can also opt for two such modules which essentially means that you can run up to 4 Radeon Pro Vega II GPUs in the Mac Pro which is absolutely bonkers!

Mac Pro 2019 Afterburner and more!

There’s also an option to include a dedicated Video streaming Card from Apple called AfterBurner which can take care of video encoding for people who work on ProRes RAW or R3D footage. It’s so capable that it can handle up to three simultaneous streams of 8K ProRes RAW 30fps video. Such a performance isn’t possible even for the fastest GPUs out there today!

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On the connectivity front, the new Mac Pro comes with 4x Thunderbolt 3 ports, Wifi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 5.0 support and 2x10GB Ethernet ports.

The PSU on the inside is a 1400W power supply to handle the gigantic power load that all the components on the inside would require.

Apple Mac Pro 2019 price in India

The Mac Pro 2019 starts at a price of $5999 for the lowest end base model which has an octa-core CPU, 32 GB of DDR4 2666 Mhz RAM. 256 GB SSD storage and AMD Radeon Pro 580x GPU.

The highest end model can go really high up to $40000 or even more according to some sources.

So that would mean that the base price in Indian rupees would be around 4 lakh 15 thousand rupees or more. Considering the fact that Apple products in India attract a lot more premium and taxes then maybe the final price would be even higher!

So guys what do you think? Are you gonna buy the Apple Mac Pro 2019? As of for us we are happy with the portable offerings that Apple has. What would we do with so much raw power eh?

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Apple Mac Pro 2019 specifications and price in India!

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