Apple macOS Catalina features and all that’s changed!

The upgrade to macOS Mojave is here now!

Apple is praised for its stable OS updates and thoughtful feature additions throughout its product lineup. The next iteration of the macOS is coming soon this fall. It’s macOS Catalina and it might drop support for 32 bit Apps!

The first major change in Catalina would be that it would retire the iTunes application. Frankly, not a lot of users would care as the functionality for iTunes has only diminished in the past few years. macOS Catalina users would get three distinct apps now – Podcasts, Music and TV (with 4K HDR & Dolby Atmos support)

itunes apple tv find my macOS catalina

iTunes was the defacto application used to sync iPods, iPads and iPhones. Now that iTunes would be gone there would be a new place for syncing options present inside a special page within macOS’s Finder app. There’s no word yet on how they will tackle this issue in Windows though!

macOS Catalina would get another interesting feature called Sidecar. It’s the ability to use an iPad as a secondary display for your MacBook. It does sound great on paper but real-world usage and latency issues etc. would be something that would need more in-depth testing!

apple macos catalina sidecar

The iPad can also now be used as a tablet input for the Mac. So things do sound promising. The iPad has also reduced Apple pencil latency of 9 milliseconds so the whole setup should now actually work well!

There’s a new full voice Control feature in macOS Catalina. Everything about the OS can now be controlled via voice. This brings the accessibility options to another level altogether.

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The Find my Mac will now be called as Find My and it can help you find your lost and stolen devices with ease. It works even when your Mac is offline. Now MacBooks will emit low latency Bluetooth signals which won’t reduce battery life. This would be anonymous as stated by Apple. Other Apple devices would be able to detect it and help the Find My app to find even a switched-off device.

Apple has also added activation lock on all T2 chip devices with Catalina. If you turn on the Activation lock no one will ever be able to use a stolen MacBook until your credentials are entered!

Apple macOS Catalina updates and more

macOS Catalina would also get new versions of Photos, Reminders, Notes and Safari apps. It would also get Screen Time support. There’s also a new addition i.e. Project Catalyst. This would allow developers to port iPad and iPhone apps to Catalina with ease. Apple stated that most apps could be ported in real less time. This way a single team would also be able to manage an app for thee separate devices.

macos catalina update for macs

The macOS Catalina update would drop in by this fall. It would be free for all compatible Macs. The first publicly available beta is already out now for interested users!

So guys what do you think? Is Apple going in the right direction with this OS update? Or is Apple only adding those features to macOS now which windows had for years!

Do let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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Apple macOS Catalina features and all that’s changed!

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