Apple working on a noise cancellation AirPods model and more!

Noise cancellation and few other features coming soon!

apple airpods noise cancellation coming soonApple is known for it’s limited yet effective lineup of products throughout the tech world.

The iPhone, iPad, MacBook lineup and few other products are amongst the only hardware products that Apple makes. 

Still, it’s an extremely successful company and is the richest company in the world currently.

This extreme valuation and cash flow are because of the functional and category-defining products that Apple creates.

The iPhone is still the de-facto choice of smartphone for a lot of people who crave for a complete smartphone package.

The MacBook and MacBook Pro lineup are great in their respective segments. They offer good performance and battery life while maintaining their compact form factor.

Similarly, Apple has the Air Pods which are considered until now to be one of the best wireless personal audio experience devices.

The seamless way in which they work and connect with other products in the Apple Ecosystem like the MacBook and iPhone is what makes the whole AirPod experience so enjoyable.

Apple is planning to launch a new set of AirPods this year. These new models would have water resistance, noise cancellation and most probably even better audio than the current generation ones.

apple airpods next generation model

There’s also a rumour about over the ear models coming in late 2019 or so.

An early report from Barclays Analyst claimed that these new features would come in 2019. Another Bloomberg report has claimed that the launch date would definitely be in 2019 while rumours were pointing to the end of 2018.

The report also claims about another upgrade which would bring a new wireless chip and support for Siri activation in Hands-free mode.

There will also be a new case which would support Apple’s rumoured Airpower Wireless charging mat accessory.

Another rumour claims that Apple is also working on a new HomePod model for the next year. But there are no details yet as to what changes or upgrades will that new model feature or how much different it would be from the existing HomePod.

So guys, are you excited for the new Apple AirPods? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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Apple working on a noise cancellation AirPods model and more!

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