Apple Unveils OpenELM: A Cutting-Edge Open-Source Language Model for Enhanced AI Training and Inference

Apple launches OpenELM, an advanced open-source language model on Hugging Face, enhancing AI research transparency and efficiency.

Apple recently announced the release of OpenELM, a highly efficient language model, at a pre-WWDC24 event hosted on the Hugging Face platform.

open elm instruct models apple huggingface

OpenELM is distinguished by its open-source training and inference framework, aimed at promoting open research and ensuring the credibility of results.

This model utilizes a tiered scaling strategy, enabling precise parameter allocation across the layers of a Transformer model, which significantly boosts accuracy.

apple open elm models instruct

With approximately one billion parameters, OpenELM achieves a 2.36% higher accuracy than OLMo, while requiring only half the pre-training tokens.

Unlike previous models that were only available with model weights and inference code on private datasets, OpenELM is fully available with a framework for training and evaluating on public datasets.

This includes training logs, multiple checkpoints, and pre-training configurations.

openelm performance apple model

Apple has also released code to convert the model for use in the MLX library, allowing inference and fine-tuning on Apple devices.

This comprehensive release is designed to strengthen the open research community and pave the way for future open research initiatives.

Source: OpenELM: An Efficient Language Model Family with Open-source Training and Inference Framework

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Apple Unveils OpenELM: A Cutting-Edge Open-Source Language Model for Enhanced AI Training and Inference

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