Apple to Reveal Q3 Financial Report on August 3rd, iPhone 15 and Vision Pro in the Spotlight

On July 8th, Apple announced on its official website that it will unveil its financial report for the third fiscal quarter (April-June) of 2023 on August 3rd in the afternoon, US time (August 4th morning, IST), with CEO Tim Cook responding to shareholder questions online.

In recent days, Apple’s stock price has repeatedly reached new highs, crossing the milestone of a market value of $3 trillion (currently about 248.11 trillion INR), making it the sole company in the $3 trillion club. The market is closely watching issues such as the shipments of the Vision Pro, a virtual reality head-mounted display device, and the production capacity layout in China and India.

As previously reported, trial production of the iPhone 15 has been completed, and mass production began at Foxconn’s Zhengzhou campus at the end of June. The first batch of stock is around 90 million units, with high-end models, the Pro and Pro Max of the iPhone 15 series, accounting for a greater proportion.

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Additionally, it is reported that apart from assembly and manufacturing in China, domestic mobile phone OEMs in India will also be directly involved in the first batch of supply for the iPhone 15, with the supply models not being restricted to the standard version but also including the iPhone 15 Plus.

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The Vision Pro headset, due to its intricate design and manufacturing difficulties, was previously reported to face reduced production.

However, TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo analyzed that Apple will actively upgrade hardware product specifications and create a more competitive Vision Pro ecosystem.

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Apple to Reveal Q3 Financial Report on August 3rd, iPhone 15 and Vision Pro in the Spotlight

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